How Geek Gatekeeping Is Bad For Business

Brilliant piece is brilliant. 

Author Daniel Nye Griffiths eloquently shuts down Joe Peacock’s sexist sewage about “fake geek girls”; calls out the racism and misogyny that Aisha Tyler and Felicia Day have endured; explains why geek gatekeepers are bad for business and why said gatekeepers need to take the bench.

As I said yesterday, I’ll take the posing “fake” super-hot geeks over the “real” racist sexist homophobic jackasses that are infesting geek culture and geek spaces. Because trust, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve caught shade for daring to be POC and LGBTQ in a geek space and how many times my “credentials” were questioned.

Additional evidence why geek fandom needs to die a fiery death.

How Ars Marginal became a safe zone and a treat at the end.

Ok, six years ago, I saw Heroes, at the time I was an avid anime fan (at the same time was watching Bleach and Basilisk). So I started to like the concept of a diverse cast with super abilities till it became a Petey and Friends show. So afterwards I started to goto forums and started to talk about it. But was pushed off by fanboys. So afterwards, I felt dishearten. (see end). So was looking up diverse media. but came up dry. So my former weebo self looked up black and asian couple. So I ended up looking up the Runaways. After reading it…lets say it’s not favorable. So I stumbled on Blasian Narrative. So after reading a few post, i learned a few things like how things in media really works and should work.

Then I stumbled on to this Epic post. So I went over to the Chronicle. Then read dozens of Mr. Upkins blogs, he helped me out alot. I learned more about how to developed stories and characters.

Why I’m ranting and raving…well I’m here to say thanks. Thanks for the good post and meeting new people. I figure out that all though I’m a lone wolf, I do need to broaden my format.

Next time I will give ya a treat. Tooties. (Flys away)

Brain Food – Episode 20

Hello everyone, and weclcome to the 20th episode of Brain Food, wherein I review the comic book La Brujeira!

It feels good to have done as much as I have, and I am happy for those who watch this series. I like to believe that in doing this series, it helps to make me a better person and that I will become a better person still in examining bigotry, racism, and sexism, as well as other woes, in writing and recommending works of writing that go beyond stereotypes and show even a part of the full spectrum that makes up human beings.
Plus, I just love reading!

White Guy: The Movie

This photo beautifully captures my feelings about the upcoming Marvel movies and why I couldn’t care less about them.

And before mofos start, let me shut them down from the jump:

1) No, I’m not impressed with token sidekicks being included in films. I’m happy for my POC brothers and sisters who get work as actors but breadcrumbs =/= progress.

2) Read this and take the bench.



Looking at Le Comte De Monte Cristo.

After reading A lovely post by Neo. I was thinking about an author that people was reluctant to acknowledge. The author was named Alexander Dumas. He was born into poverty caused by Napoleon replacing his father during the Syrian battle. Fast forward to 1840’s, Dumas came across a memoir detailing a revenge plot. So came the story The Count of Monte Cristo.

Quick run of the plot: (if this spoils you so what) A young sailor Edmond Dantès is framed fro treason by his two friends and a Prosecutor Villefort. So he spends fourteen years in prison. There he meets with Friar Abbe. The two for a friendship. Abbe teaches him all he knows. Near his death, Abbe tells him about the treasure on the island on Monte Cristo. After his death, Edmond uses his chance to escape. There he makes his way to find the treasure. Then he becomes the The Count of Monte Cristo, a cold, ruthless count that will stop at nothing to get his revenge.

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21 Lessons Learned As A Debut Novelist

So a little over a year ago, something very special happened. My novel Hollowstone was released. To say it changed my life forever would be a vast understatement. From traveling across the country to promote the book, to connecting with extraordinary people all over the globe, I’ve had so many wonderful experiences thanks to one little book.

That being said, I’ve learned a lot in the last year. Some has been self discovery, some was advice from experts. And then there was “advice” from “experts.”

Being a published novelist has been a wild ride and at times a very crazy one, as you’ll see from this list. So below are 21 Lessons I’ve learned since publishing my debut novel.

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Brain Food – Episode 19

Hello everyone, and welcome to episode 19 of Brain Food, where I tell you what’s yummy and nutritious for your head!

Today’s book…?

Chicks Kick Butt.

But only if you’re a straight, white chick.

One thing I do want to make clear though, in case I didn’t in the review, is that on a technical sense, this book and all its short stories are written very well. They simply fail at everything else, as I pointed out.

Going Medieval

This post was inspired by a recent discussion with my internet wife, RVCBard.

I’m always amazed at how many people are so quick to argue that people of color did not exist in Europe in medieval times or that black people for instance weren’t around during the Greek and Roman times. And to include said POCs during such time periods would be unrealistic and another example of shoving a PC agenda down our throats OH-EM-GEE.

This usually comes up in medieval fantasy stories. Like say for instance, Guinevere  in the BBC’s Merlin. Actress Angel Coulby was catching heat yet again for daring to be a beautiful black queen.

This usually makes me laugh A LOT for two main reasons:

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