(open thread) Women in Open World games

Now with the the fifth installment to the GTA franchise underway.  Then I was wondering when do the women take center stage in the Open world narrative? I want to know what’s you opinions on the matter. What do you think about this. Should women stay in the side and let the men take center stage or do think that they can pull it off?

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In a few days time, I’ll will post my idea cast for an open world game.

How Ars Marginal became a safe zone and a treat at the end.

Ok, six years ago, I saw Heroes, at the time I was an avid anime fan (at the same time was watching Bleach and Basilisk). So I started to like the concept of a diverse cast with super abilities till it became a Petey and Friends show. So afterwards I started to goto forums and started to talk about it. But was pushed off by fanboys. So afterwards, I felt dishearten. (see end). So was looking up diverse media. but came up dry. So my former weebo self looked up black and asian couple. So I ended up looking up the Runaways. After reading it…lets say it’s not favorable. So I stumbled on Blasian Narrative. So after reading a few post, i learned a few things like how things in media really works and should work.

Then I stumbled on to this Epic post. So I went over to the Chronicle. Then read dozens of Mr. Upkins blogs, he helped me out alot. I learned more about how to developed stories and characters.

Why I’m ranting and raving…well I’m here to say thanks. Thanks for the good post and meeting new people. I figure out that all though I’m a lone wolf, I do need to broaden my format.

Next time I will give ya a treat. Tooties. (Flys away)

Looking at Le Comte De Monte Cristo.

After reading A lovely post by Neo. I was thinking about an author that people was reluctant to acknowledge. The author was named Alexander Dumas. He was born into poverty caused by Napoleon replacing his father during the Syrian battle. Fast forward to 1840’s, Dumas came across a memoir detailing a revenge plot. So came the story The Count of Monte Cristo.

Quick run of the plot: (if this spoils you so what) A young sailor Edmond Dantès is framed fro treason by his two friends and a Prosecutor Villefort. So he spends fourteen years in prison. There he meets with Friar Abbe. The two for a friendship. Abbe teaches him all he knows. Near his death, Abbe tells him about the treasure on the island on Monte Cristo. After his death, Edmond uses his chance to escape. There he makes his way to find the treasure. Then he becomes the The Count of Monte Cristo, a cold, ruthless count that will stop at nothing to get his revenge.

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Setting my eyes on: Assassin’s Creed liberation

Since the time when game creators in put a create “Your Own Character”, I’ve always created a female character. At times it was difficult to find a game that didn’t pander to making the female lead an eye candy.  I liked playing a female character and watching her fight. One point when I was playing Saints Row the Third, I puposely made the character look like a female James Bond (Black suit, with black slacks and black shoes). It made the game that much good. I know what you may wonder, what’s this have to do with Asssassin’s Creed the Science Fiction version of the Da Vinci Code? Well I tell you

From the game Wiki:

“The game is set between 1765 and 1780, and primarily features Aveline de Grandpré, a female French-African Assassin around the end of the French and Indian War.

Yes, a game with a female POC as the main character. Now I do find it funny how some movies (Le Comte De Monte Chirsto, Three Musketeers) never touched upon a Afro-French characters in that era.   Now from what I read about our character Aveline, she is the daughter of a wealthy bussinessman and African Mother. She joined the Creed after her mom disappearance. i got to say that this has my attention, I’ll be watching this for awhile. One of my concerns is that the backlash of gamers due to the fact that she is black. Then again it might be another Sheva problem from Resident Evil. “Like I hate her in the game, but lets make hentai pics of her.”-Random Fan

All that matters to me is finally a decent character.

May Dream Casting: Star Trek Eclipse

Ok I take this time to post for a new Star Trek Mini-series. No to be intertwine with Abramverse.

Plot: In 237X: After the War of the Dominion. The Federation tries to recover from the loss of the War despite winning the war. Starfleet is trying to go back to the exploration backed by the Klingon Government. Due to the Recovery, Independent human planets had formed an alliance calling themselves the Allied Colonial Forces. The ACF is modeled from the 21th century Earth. With the Raising power of the ACF, it started a Federation Cold War with the Romulian backing. Meanwhile The newly starship-class Otomo  USS Eclipse have been commissioned by the Starfleet. During their Voyage they encounter a Scorpion Class Starship, the ACF flagship, destroying Cardassian ship. So the Eclipse have to find a way to stop the ship.

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(Open discussion) Blockbuster Season: May Casting Call Movie Sugesstions

Since Summer Blockbusters are here. I’m going to do a special in the course of summer season. At the month of May, we are going to do casting call or dreamcasting.  In the era of sequels, reboots and adaptations, we see people that don’t fit the role….AT ALL (CISWash). So with that being said. I present you the month of May Casting Call. During the month of May we’ll pitch a movie or a show idea with a premise, casting choice and get feedback. Then In the months of June and July I’ll do an video review of the movies both good and bad.

So please  what type of movie you want to see, the plot, theme and who do you want to star in it and why? So please pitch Ars Marginal an idea. It can be anything. Orginal, Remake, reboot or anther take on a story. Please Title the topic May Casting Call for (Insert Title)

Open Thread: Opinion on The Runaways from Marvel Comics

I’m going to do a video review of the Runaways (much like Linkara and Kazel5). Since I read some much good things about The Runaways. I asked my friends if they heard of the comic, but they never heard of it. But I want to see what people think of the comic book. i mean do you like it or hate it? What was it that drew you into this comic? Mind you before i do the Review i want to have some other opinions before I go online and make a fool out of myself. Thanks you taking time out to help me. (Note: I could of add a pic but my terminal is acting up)


looking to hear from ya.