How Ars Marginal became a safe zone and a treat at the end.

Ok, six years ago, I saw Heroes, at the time I was an avid anime fan (at the same time was watching Bleach and Basilisk). So I started to like the concept of a diverse cast with super abilities till it became a Petey and Friends show. So afterwards I started to goto forums and started to talk about it. But was pushed off by fanboys. So afterwards, I felt dishearten. (see end). So was looking up diverse media. but came up dry. So my former weebo self looked up black and asian couple. So I ended up looking up the Runaways. After reading it…lets say it’s not favorable. So I stumbled on Blasian Narrative. So after reading a few post, i learned a few things like how things in media really works and should work.

Then I stumbled on to this Epic post. So I went over to the Chronicle. Then read dozens of Mr. Upkins blogs, he helped me out alot. I learned more about how to developed stories and characters.

Why I’m ranting and raving…well I’m here to say thanks. Thanks for the good post and meeting new people. I figure out that all though I’m a lone wolf, I do need to broaden my format.

Next time I will give ya a treat. Tooties. (Flys away)

4 thoughts on “How Ars Marginal became a safe zone and a treat at the end.

  1. I too would like to give my thanks to RVCBard and Neo-Prodigy for this place here. Not only did I find a place here where I can get angry at pop culture, but I have also gained new insight into just how bloody insidious it all is. And also for having Acrackedmoon here, which led me to Requires Hate. It was nice to discover someone speaking from a place similar (though not the same) to my own!

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