Goodbye, Ars Marginal

It’s been a good run, and I appreciate everybody’s contributions to this space. Your posts, comments, signal boosts, follows, and other activity has made Ars Marginal special, and I’m truly grateful for everybody’s support.

However, it’s time for me to end it.

I’m going to retire Ars Marginal by the end of this week. I won’t delete the blog because there is so much here that I want to preserve even as I don’t tend to it anymore. But all future comments will be blocked, and no one will be able to post to it anymore.

This is a decision I’ve been weighing for a while, especially now that other opportunities require my time and attention. Additionally, there are new directions I want to go in for critical media analysis. In particular, I want to do more writing and analysis centered on women of color and fandom. I haven’t yet decided what format this new direction will take, but look for something sometime next year.

Thank you all for everything you’ve done to make Ars Marginal what it is. Please keep me posted on what you’re doing and feel free to reach out to me to talk more about arts and entertainment and critical analysis. I look forward to the great things you will be doing in the future.