Racist Hunger Games Fans Are Disappoint

And white folks flip their shit because a black girl is in a movie.

Over on Twitter the fine folks at Tu Books made the best point:

“The comments about race in the casting of The Hunger Games just proves how much we need more diversity in science fiction/fantasy.”

I especially love the other point they made:

“And if you’re offended by people who want to whitewash The Hunger Games, here’s what to do: read a diverse dystopia.”

Capes, Cowls, & Cartoons – Episode 4

Hello everyone, and welcome to this long awaited fourth episode of the show where I go on about animated superheroes. Today’s episode focuses in on the 2009 DVD release of the animated Wonder Woman movie, and just what they did and did not screw up on.


I hope that everyone enjoyed it, and I got a bit wavering in the end there, mostly because I was coming with with some kind of ailment and recording took me close to 4 hours, even with how good I’ve been getting at recording myself. It takes a ton of practice to get things just right.

It also took me close to five hours of getting the footage from other shows, the pictures and artwork and music, and then beer slamming it together. I definitely end up putting the most work into my episodes of CCC.

Still, I can’t help but feel like I missed something with Steve Trevor and his idioctic speech, so if you’ve got an angle or opinion on it that I missed, please let me know.


Open discussion: Things I learned from TV

Over on Tumblr, there’s a great thread going on about what we learn about life and people by watching TV. Since this is Ars Marginal, and this is the sort of thing we talk about, why don’t we continue the conversation here?

Here are a few things I learned:

  1. Bisexual means lesbian until the straight White guy comes along.
  2. Only 2 types of people talk about race: neo-Nazi skinhead KKK mofos and paranoid militant Black people with chips on their shoulders.
  3. All lesbians want sperm donors to make babies. Failing that, adopting a Chinese girl would do.
  4. Disabled people don’t have lives like the rest of us. They exist to be symbols of the human spirit.
  5. Everyone in NYC has glamorous media jobs that pay enough to live in huge Manhattan apartments that don’t have mice or roaches.

What did you learn from TV?

The POCs of the Vampire Diaries

Over At The Bar, my girl Ankhesen penned a most excellent series examining THE EPIC RACIST FUCKERY the treatment of the characters of color on the hit series The Vampire Diaries:

Also check out Fangs For The Fantasy’s comprehensive analysis on TVD which also swings the vervain-laden cluebat.
What’s astonishing is that two completely different reviews hit the same points almost verbatim on the consistent fail that TVD brings.