It matters that the Evil Queen is Latina.

The Evil Queen is Latina, and it matters.

Regina is, in the words of Archie Hopper, “a very complicated woman.” This is someone who loves her Daddy dearly but kills him to cast the Dark Curse. This is a woman who loathes Snow White with the fire of a thousand suns yet loves her son (*cough* and Emma *cough*) so much and so deeply that it’s at times physically painful. And let’s not get started on that shit with Cora.

So much about Regina’s story is so familiar because many of us have been there.

  1. We’ve been abused by those who claim they love us.
  2. We’ve been exploited by those more powerful than us.
  3. We’ve lashed out in fear and anger.
  4. We’ve held on too tightly to those we love and wound up losing them.
  5. We’ve clung to the past because that’s all we had.
  6. We’ve been desperate for a way to end our pain.
  7. We’ve done things we regret.
  8. We wish to love and be loved yet don’t always know how to do so.

These are universal human experiences. All too often, the face of a “universal human experience” defaults to a white face. Yet, this time around, the person embodying these universal human experiences is a woman of color, a Latina.

Whether you approve or disapprove of what she does is not the point. What matters most is: can you identify with this person? Can you relate to what she’s gone through? Does her humanity touch yours?

Do you not see how fucking important that is?

See, it’s easy to admire a woman of color who always has her shit together, who makes the right decision, who is an inexhaustible font of strength, courage, patience, wisdom, and kindness. People eat that shit up. What people have a harder time with are women of color who are merely human, who are not paragons of virtue, whose lives are a mess, and whose choices are not so easy to say, “Right on, sister!” to.

Women of color are rarely allowed to be deep, complex, or multifaceted. Our virtues and vices, rather than reflecting our humanity, serve as evidence in favor of or against it. As Viola Davis said to Tavis Smiley,

“[T]here aren’t enough multifaceted roles for women who look like me. And when I say multifaceted roles, I mean roles where I open up the script, and the character goes on a journey. Right, see, a balance, where I’m not just always dignified, I know everything, I see everything, I’m just this straight-backed Black woman/friend/all-knowing-seeing/whatever. I’m talking about a human being, multifaceted human being who actually lives, breathes, all of that, OK? […] I’m saying that as an artist you’ve gotta see the mess. That’s what we do. What we do as artists is we get a human being, and it’s like putting together a puzzle. And this puzzle, it’s gotta be a mixture, a multifaceted mixture of human emotions, and not all of it is gonna be pretty. We’re not gonna win, we’re not gonna be heroes, y’know, OK?”

That’s why it fucking matters.

Shredder Ain’t White

Shredder_Dave_Rapoza_TMNT the_shredder_by_tamplierpainter-d3klut9

What the ever living fuck? Um, this just in, SHREDDER AIN’T WHITE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It’s no secret that POCs have faced whitewashing in the media, it seems to me that Asians in particular have  been specifically targeted for erasure by Hollywood.

Don’t believe me?

Generation X (the live-action film), 21, Avatar, Prince of Persia, Akira (which thankfully got canned), Batman: The Dark Knight Rises,  Star Trek: Into the Darkness, among many others.

Was Ken Watanabe’s talented and sexy ass not available? I mean seriously. WTF is this bullshit?

Fuck this movie. I might’ve been willing to check it out (in spite of it being a Bay flick), but after this, FUCK THAT NOISE!!!!

Brain Food – Episode 29

Hello everyone, and welcome to yet another installment of Brain Food, which has been a long time in coming.

At any rate, I have not one book, but a list of recommendations that you should all watch because they’re good and they’ll bring you joy.




Here are the links for the series I talked about in the video:

The Devil’s Panties

Princess Princess

Doctor Who: The Forgotten Doctor

And you can order Hero by Perry Moore on Amazon in both paperback and for the kindle.

Why Your Paula Deen Defense Is DOA


By now most of you have heard about the Paula Deen racist debacle, the lawsuit and the employees who stepped forward to speak out. And I’m sure more than a few of you have witnessed the outrage from countless psychotic rabid whites who are defending her racism and are upset that Food Network canceled her show.

Their “outrage” stems from the fact that white people don’t think it’s fair that one of their own should lose everything just because they were being “a little bigoted.”

And by a little bigoted = Dropping the N-Word and creating a plantation house restaurant and creating a hostile work environment for black employees. But the goalpost is still shifting so this definition by whites is subject to change.

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That Internet Wife of Mine



June seems to be the month of birthdays for my Ars Marginal crew. Last week we celebrated Triple J’s birthday and today I get the pleasure of celebrating another special person in my life.

My beloved internet wife, RVCBard, playwright and creator of “Tulpa or Anne & Me”, and the founder and leader of Ars Marginal.

And you know you’re something fierce when Amanda Waller is giving you a toast.

How RVCBard is an extraordinary woman, let me count the ways:



Maybe not. After all, to count the ways RVCBard is awesome is like the number Pi. It’s infinite.

But don’t take my word for it. Her majesty and a few others have a few words they’d like to share.


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