Looking at Le Comte De Monte Cristo.

After reading A lovely post by Neo. I was thinking about an author that people was reluctant to acknowledge. The author was named Alexander Dumas. He was born into poverty caused by Napoleon replacing his father during the Syrian battle. Fast forward to 1840’s, Dumas came across a memoir detailing a revenge plot. So came the story The Count of Monte Cristo.

Quick run of the plot: (if this spoils you so what) A young sailor Edmond Dantès is framed fro treason by his two friends and a Prosecutor Villefort. So he spends fourteen years in prison. There he meets with Friar Abbe. The two for a friendship. Abbe teaches him all he knows. Near his death, Abbe tells him about the treasure on the island on Monte Cristo. After his death, Edmond uses his chance to escape. There he makes his way to find the treasure. Then he becomes the The Count of Monte Cristo, a cold, ruthless count that will stop at nothing to get his revenge.

Now the story inspired many modern tales, from Batman to the modern noir stories. It had adventure, romance, and inverse mystery (in this term it means that unlike the mystery stories, inverse is like someone creating a problem rather than solving it). Infact the count has the mind of Sherlock Holmes and the aura of Dracula. Note: I would love to see them in a well written story together. (eyes Neo for a bit with a wicked smile)

The reason why I picked this story out, was  because as a double minority who was picked on for being different, I watched the movie and the French mini-serial staring Gérard Depardieu (the French one is superior to the Hollywood version). Then I found out that it was written by a Afro-Frenchman. As soon as I read Dumas bio it made sense that the count was a black man and not a white European. In fact this alludes alittle to Dumas’ life such as both Edmond and Dumas’s father died in poverty because of the cruel injustice of the system. Also it gives more depth why Edmond’s friends was envious of him. He was a black man who rose in the ranks to being captain, while getting married to a white (or black) woman.  Also it makes you think why in media they actually have him white washed?  Look at some of the movies and book covers. The count is a white man. Now it holds ground as a man wrongfully accused, but if the character was a black man and knowing the history of how people of color is treated in the justice system. You will find it more gripping to know that someone who beat the system and is taking things to his own hands.

Now fast forward to today, if  the story became a modern remake. It needs to keep the plotlines of the book, and the characters. So later on I’ll post to see how the modern remake should be done.

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  1. Wow! I knew about Dumas, but I had no idea that the character in his book was black! we actually have the american version on dvd; Though I’ve never watched it(and now have VERY good reason not to).

  2. It’s in a sense even more typical that Dumas, who was no fan of Bonaparte, may have actually accidentally helped spur the rise of Napoleon III (aka the guy who lost a war and created Germany in the process) with this book. It wouldn’t be the first time authors in general and POC authors in particular had their points entirely missed by their readers.

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