How Geek Gatekeeping Is Bad For Business

Brilliant piece is brilliant. 

Author Daniel Nye Griffiths eloquently shuts down Joe Peacock’s sexist sewage about “fake geek girls”; calls out the racism and misogyny that Aisha Tyler and Felicia Day have endured; explains why geek gatekeepers are bad for business and why said gatekeepers need to take the bench.

As I said yesterday, I’ll take the posing “fake” super-hot geeks over the “real” racist sexist homophobic jackasses that are infesting geek culture and geek spaces. Because trust, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve caught shade for daring to be POC and LGBTQ in a geek space and how many times my “credentials” were questioned.

Additional evidence why geek fandom needs to die a fiery death.

10 thoughts on “How Geek Gatekeeping Is Bad For Business

  1. What I find vastly amusing about the so-called gatekeepers is at one time, they would have eschewed the term “geek”. They would have ran as far away from it as possible. Now that it’s tres chic, they want to dictate what makes a female geek. As an old-school geek girl, frankly I’m happy to see more of my sisters–especially my girl geeks of color–feeling comfortable enough to express themselves in this way.

    Yes I’ve been to CC before and yes I’ve seen the “booth babes”, but they’re not my raison d’etre for attending. I’m there to buy lots of stuff and to check out the steampunk contingent. I’m there to hang out with several hundred thousand of my closest “friends” and have fun. I’m not there to dictate who the “real” geeks are.

    This entire topic is just another example of heteronormative SEXISM and it’s a battle these clowns are destined to lose. Can we please have these so-called “gatekeepers” take a collective flying leap off the top rope?

    • Off the top rope and into the announcer’s table where they’re counted out.

      I’m sick of seeing this garbage too. What’s wrong with getting together and having fun? And if someone isn’t as acknowledgeable about something, then help to fill them in, maybe recommend other things they might like, anything but acting like the frigging geek cred police.

      • Sadly this kind of gatekeeping happens in all the subcultures from punk to goth to Lolita and J-Style. Most recently we’ve seen it in the cosplay arena where FoC’s are told they shouldn’t (or can’t) cosplay non-ethnic characters.

        Yes, they should take a flying leap off the top rope and crash land on their faces right on the cement after having a folding chair launched at their backs!

  2. And it’s exactly that gatekeeping behavior that accounts for my automatically being on the defensive when i declare my geekness, cuz I’m always ready for a challenge to my right to belong in these spaces. Fuck gatekeeping, I’ve never seen it do anything good.

  3. Why is it supposed to HELP geek culture to try and drive people off? Why is it supposed to be positive to stop people enjoying the genre and, in doing so, prevent that genre from growing and having more investment.and, in short, getting better. All so some complete arsehats can pat themselves on the back at how exclusive and special they are?

    This is geek hipsterism.

  4. I wonder did fans forget that it was females that gave star trek it’s fanbase and sparked the franchise.
    Did they forget that it was black urban people that made Bleach popular.
    Did they forget that it was the lgbt that boosed YA fiction

    Makes ya think

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