X-Men Is STILL Our Story. DEAL!!!!!

Random Fact #18: Do you know I still have to explain to people how X-Men is an allegory to the Civil Rights movement?

It amazes me how everyone from Stan Lee to Rebecca Romijn have explained in detail how X-Men was primarily based on the struggle blacks endured to attain equal rights.

Stan Lee has repeatedly explicated how Magneto was based on Malcolm X and that Charles Xavier was based on Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Do you know that when I point this out to white folks, they STILL argue with me even after I point them to interviews and other evidence where Stan Lee and other creators specifically state that the Civil Rights movement was the primary inspiration for X-Men?

For years I thought the Civil Rights references to X-Men was too on the nose: Raven is my slave name, the chickens are coming home to roost, Magneto stating to handle matters “by any means necessary,” Xavier’s dream of a peaceful co-existence between mutants and humans.

But apparently peeps still don’t know their history. Not only that but too often they flip their shit when the obvious is pointed out to them. They act is if  giving credit to black people = the combination of defying the laws of physics, punching a kitten and pissing on the Bible all in one fell swoop.

Now you sayin’ Black folks invented X-men too?

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Aliens In America

You can thank my boy [info]box_in_the_box for this one:

DC Comics, you’ve been racefailing something fierce this year but this shit right here…..no……just………no.

You’re really gonna have Superman lecture aliens who have taken up refuge on Earth why illegal immigration is wrong. REALLY?!!!

The original illegal (space) alien is gonna lecture other aliens about why illegal immigration is wrong? REALLY?!!!!!!



REALLY? That fail didn’t register with any of you. And you wonder why your company is hemorrhaging.

Because as far as irony and hypocrisy goes, this is pretty epic. One for the books in fact.

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The Awesome That Is Amanda Waller

RVCBard, this post is for you.

While Wonder Woman is the undisputed first lady of DC, when it comes to the ultimate HBIC and BAMF in the DC universe, that title goes to only one woman. Amanda Waller.

How fucking fierce is this woman, words cannot not describe. But let me put it into perspective for you, even Lex Luthor and Batman know better than to fuck with her.

Not convinced?

Here’s a snippet of how this certifiable badass gets down:

This is how a true BAMF gets down