Ladies First: Dr. Martha Jones

Spiraling further into my heroine addiction, I’ve been looking forward to this specific post for awhile now. My boo, Dr. Martha Jones who was portrayed flawlessly by Freema Agyeman.

Which by the by Freema, you and I are going to be together forever and ever and ever and ever.

I don’t give a fuck what that restraining order says.

While each companion represents the audience as we travel with the Doktah, I’ve noticed they’ve also personified different aspects of humanity.

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The Kevin Keller Report

So recently history was made when Riverdale got its first openly gay resident. Last month Kevin Keller appeared in Veronica #202. I grabbed the issue and I must say, it was actually well done….for an Archie story. Keller is an awesome and likable character. He’s an aspiring journalist, a comic book junkie and he did the impossible in beating Jughead in an eating contest. He debunks negative gay stereotypes, comes from a well-adjusted loving two parent home.

I definitely look forward to seeing more of Keller,because I KNOW I will be seeing lots more of him in the very near future.

*Gives the Archie folks the evil eye*

The issue¬†was funny and respectful. And what’s more, the issue has already sold out and is in its second printing with numbers that would make both Marvel and DC salivate.

There goes the gayborhood

Take The Bench

If you are a Stephanie Brown fan, you may want to seriously consider skipping this post.

There’s something I’ve been meaning to get off my chest. I hate Stephanie Brown. I fucking hate her guts for reasons I’m about to expound upon.

But before I go any further, disclaimer time: I recognize that many of my readers are fervent Stephanie Brown fans who adore her for perfectly valid and legitimate reasons. Obviously your mileage varies and we can agree to disagree. I perfectly respect your opinion, all I ask is you pay me the same courtesy. And to be clear, I’m not interested in diatribes about why I’m wrong about my opinion or why I should be exalting her ass.

Don’t say you weren’t warned.

Stephanie Brown, sitcho ass down!

On not seeing “Avatar,” “The Last Airbender,” or “The Social Network”

As anyone who’s known me longer than two months can attest, I’m a huge movie buff. Up until very recently, going to the movies was my weekly thing. Every Friday and/or Saturday, I’d hit up the local cinema, pay full price, and see a movie I may or may not like. So when I say that I’m not going to see something – that I flat-out refuse to spend money on it – that’s saying something.

Some shit just ain’t gonna get my money