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  1. Yay! I was wondering when this would happen and today it did.

    I think you pretty much have all the general points covered, except for the bit about Gert being conventionally shaped in the future thing where she became leader of the Avengers.

    Having that discussion made me realise that I don’t really like the series anymore. I think I might read the next issues whenever they come out though, since those would be written by a woman and I thought I might give that a chance.

    I would probably watch the movie too because Asian-American woman lead! (Well, it better be or else…)

  2. Well I forgot to add that it’s the Runaways, Hereos, Tower Prep and other YA fiction that gave me the bases of my comic called UnNormal. It’s a similar format of Runaways and some shounen comics. It’s the Anti-Theis of The Runaways. Feel free to ask me about it

      • Ok, I can’t fully tell you the plot, so I tell you in a pitch.

        Four teenagers with unique powers. (Black male, Japanese/French Female, Puerto Rican Female and Japanese Male) are locked in a battle to defend their town from a evil society seeking to take over the town. (think Rorouni Kenshin and Warriors)

        Think X-Men/Runaways meets Warriors meets Old Martial Art Films Meets Hollowstone (I actual paid homage to the book) mixes with Anime. I took some of the things I liked from those things and created my story. Hollowstone was the major influence in the story in antagonist-wise. I took examples of Star Trek and Bleach interns of character development. Also after watching The Warriors and Last Dragon, i wanted to do a story with the gangs, rival schools and etc, but without the stereotypical drugs and gangbanging. (Picture gangs fighting with Martial Arts. This is what missing from the Mainstream media, a good story and quality characters.

        Mind the characters are not stereotypes, IE geeky Asian guy, token black guy, and a spicy Latina.

        The story went through fifteen re-rights over past five years. I first cooked it up when I saw that Heroes just became about Pete and friends, and relised that only people with powers in movies are white people. (Chronicle, Tower Prep, Runaways and Hunger Games)

        for a clear cut of the story:

        • I stopped watching Heroes the very moment we learn that Pete’s power isn’t just flying.

          Teenage gangsters fighting with super-powered martial arts remind me of Volcano High. Well, I don’t remember if there were gangsters in the movie but it reminded me of it so there. That’s an electic mix you have there, by the way. I’m interested to see how it would turn out. How much work have you done on it so far?

          • Well, far enough.I can’t reveal too much, because we want to keep it downlow. But I will say it’s coming along pretty good. But the funny thing is like Final Fantasy 7, that the setting looks like our world, but it’s not. I did that because it’s more fun to create a new world. Like think Tokyo mixed with Newark. I wanted to have a unique setting for the world. Also for the characters, I wanted to get away from the stereotypes. Like if you noticed that In movie you have the white main hero, his black best friend, and a love interest if any is usually a blonde pretty white girl or a stereotypical other. So I mixed the characters around, can say too much about it, but it’s like a how Runaways should of been.

            Also another note. I noticed that Gert was killed by a black guy..I swear the comic really does hate black people.

            • My Goddess, I can’t believe I forgot all about that. She was killed by Alex Wilder’s father, who was pulled out of time to lead a new Pride a bunch of kids were trying to form. Can’t remember too well what the membership of the new Pride was but yes, it was a black guy who is responsible.

              Oh yes, and that pattern is the reason why I rarely consume mainstream (western) entertainment.

  3. So yeah, Marvel is not safe for young black males. I mean they could of do something with Alex….man this reminds me of Trayvon Martin and the way white people treated him.

  4. Wow, looks like I’ve got some competition in the video department, and you’re already classing it up in the suit and tie on your first video. I’m going to have to bring my A game.

    That was a well done video discussing the bad about the Runaways, and it mirrored a lot about what I’d heard of the criticisms levelled against the series. As interesting as the concept is, kids rebelling against their supervillain parents, I don’t think that it justifies me paying Marvel money for subpar work. It’s honestly very sad to see, time and time again, how black people come from criminal backgrounds even in superhero settings.

    • I expect no less. (reminds me to start taking my dads cameras and stop recording on my cell)

      That’s the thing, the comic had potential, but it was wasted..I mean I did the same thing with Tower Prep (soo glad it’s not going to get renewed). Like don’t mind if the black character’s parent was criminals, But i mean spice it up. Like have them be like Arsène Lupin not some stereotypes. I hate the fact that Alex had no powers. I mean he had the brains, but he had to steal the powers. Like I said in fiction..black males are dehumanized in order to feed on White people’s ego. Like it reminds me of Birth of the Nation. Comic book readers becarefull of the black men, they will steal your stuff the their fathers will kill that fat and now skinny Jewish girl with the Dinosaur. Then it ruins the interracial relationship (Alex and Nico), Like when people think of interracial relationship it automatically means White and (insert race). I mean I would love to see them grow as characters like something like Peter and MJ (not the drug). Infact the could of did something like this:

      As the series progressed and much years. Alex and Nico had a child, who in fact is the new child of Pride. So the Runaway gang have to protect the kid from the new cult of the pride. And instead of kiling of characters to fit new ones. Keep them on board and developed them.

      Also it doesn’t help that they have Klara as their mouth peace.

      The other thing that got me was that the Runaways team were spoiled jerks. I mean in the beginning they are acting like some spoiled brats who hate their parents then later finds out that thier parents are evil. (that’s a suprise) I mean look at Ichigo (Bleach) The Elrics (FMA) Batman, Spiderman, and others, who don’t have the functioning household.

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