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Long time ago when I was young, there used to be a lot of shows with a multicultural cast from different backgrounds. Some was very more PC (political Correct) than others. Mind you my childhood was in the 90’s. Not a lot of black

homes had internet at the time. So we couldn’t look at youtube or other outlets to teach us about the cultures. My family was very fortunate, because I was raise to learn about different things. I was very blessed to the willingness to learn about people although at a young age but it was very limited. I didn’t perceived white and black as a complex thing. In my culture you were human being with different background and you were accepted. Much later on in my years when I was able to go online during the last days of the dail-up system, I was learning. Then in high school I did a paper on the history of Japan from the Sengoku era to the Meiji Era. (Although I failed because I showed more knowledge than the others, but that will come in another time.) I wanted to learn more. Some stuff happened and I saw things differently.

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Open discussion: Trans representation wishlist

Over at Sociological Images, there’s an article about media depictions of trans people. Go ahead and read it. I’ll wait.

Now that you’ve read it, you have a pretty good idea of exactly what’s wrong with the way most media portrays trans people. Instead of going into how fucked up it is (which is readily available via this miracle of modern living called Google), let’s make a wishlist for what we want to see more of in media representations of trans people.

So, readers, what would be on your trans depiction wishlist?

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Interview with director Nicolas Winding Refn about Drive:

CHEW-BOSE: Ok. So, let’s talk about Carey Mulligan. At first I was bit unsure of her as Irene…

REFN: Well, in the novel, she’s Hispanic…

CHEW-BOSE: You’ve mentioned that you see some hints of Molly Ringwald in her. You’re also going to work again with her. As a director, what draws you to her acting?

REFN: Working with her is terrific. She moved in to my wife’s and my house in Los Angeles and lived with us. So we became very close. She’s an amazing actress. I was meeting many other actresses, great actresses, for this role of Irene, but there was nothing for me that was clicking. And I didn’t know why because there was so much talent around me. And I never thought of Carey Mulligan for the movie. And it really came about that I got a call from her agent asking if I’d meet with her, and I hadn’t even seen any of her movies. My wife had seen An Education and so had my mother, and said it was very good. So I said, “Sure we can meet, come to the house.” Everybody had to come to the house. She came a few days later, and I was really confused, and irritated, and desperate why I couldn’t find Irene, because we were getting closer and closer to the start date. The minute she walked through the door, I said, “You’re it.”

CHEW-BOSE: What was “it” about her?

REFN: I knew that I would want to protect her. And she reminded me of my wife in a way, because she felt so pure that I could now, be the driver of the movie. I knew I could destroy anything around me to protect her.

Review: Kevin Keller #1-2

My review of issues 1 & 2 of the Kevin Keller miniseries is up now over on Prism Comics. I have to say, I may have outdone myself with this post:

So the plan was to wait until the Kevin Keller miniseries wrapped before penning this review. But because the first two issues have been so extraordinary, I couldn’t wait any longer.

I’m still trying to wrap my head around the fact that somehow, when no one was looking, Archie became the coolest kid in the room. Forget 90 percent of the titles being churned out by the big two. If you’re looking for quality and progressive comics, Archie is where it’s at. Yes Archie. Yes, you read that sentence correctly. No, I am not joking. Yes, we could be in Bizarro World. Let me get back to you on that one.


Brain Food – Episode 5

Hello one and all, I am here to present to you the fifth installment of my book review series.

Today, I will be looking at Cherie Priest’s Urban fantasy vampire novel, Bloodshot.

To find out more about the authour as well as her other works of fiction, you can visit her website here.

I’m not sure what’s going to be coming up next, as I have lots of other books to look through, but it’s going to be great, I can assure you. There is a wealth of fiction out there that seems to go under the wire and not receive the attention they’re due, and in my own small way, I hope I’m directing some towards those books.

Help Middle Child Press Reach 1000 Copies

“We wear our weird on the outside.”

Middle Child Press is a publishing company that was founded by and is for women of color. Their goal: to meet the needs of WOC who have been marginalized, ignored and denigrated by mainstream media. What makes MCP unique is that they not only provide traditional literary titles but also Blasian, gothic, experimental and speculative fiction as well.

And now they need your help. With the release of their latest title, The Woman from Cheshire Avenue, MCP is aiming to sell 1,000 copies by Oct. 15, 2011 with the aims to expand their titles, promote other POC authors, and produce more POC titles.

MCP founders Amaya Radjani and Ankhesen Mié discuss why we desperately need more publishers like MCP.

From The Wall To The Rail

So it appears that the reboot of virtually the entire line of a comic book company has one other unexpected effect. Dramatic weight loss. Amanda Waller, one of the few full figured women in comics, the badass who even Lex Luthor and Batman tread carefully around and hesitant to fuck with has now been reduced to a size zero.

The Wall has become the Rail.



Actress of Color and Music

Ok I was 

It was a blog about Latina Actress. So I remember that I did a bootleg mix of a video and someones slideshow of my fav actress. Since I don’t have the software to create or post my idea AMV of my fav actress. If you didn’t know that I’m use to be a anime otaku. So I did this:

mute this first song video:

and play the second vid

the song goes with her.

Aoi Hana by Color Bottle

Slide show by

So post this on you blog or post you ideas here.



So last night the blogosphere was abuzz as there was yet another homophobic incident in the writing community.

The shorthand: authors were making the rounds submitting a YA manuscript featuring queer characters of color. They were instructed by an agent that the agent would represent them under the condition that they made the character straight.

Suffice to say this caught my attention because well my novel Hollowstone features POC and queer characters. And Empyrea, the YA I’m currently editing, features a queer character of color as it’s primary protagonist.

To be honest, I think I’m more shocked over the fact that agent didn’t attempt to whitewash the characters.

Last night on Twitter, I was speaking with authors Scott Tracey and Rick Lipman and we each came to the same conclusion about the stream of comments from people claiming to be so surprised that such attitudes “still” exist in the 21st century.


Black Heroines: A Tribute

So there’s a popular internet meme going around online entitled We Love The Women Fandom Hates. It celebrates female characters that aren’t usually well-received by fandom.It’s a nifty concept and I’m glad that so many have taken to it.
In the spirit of that, I wanted to also show some love and celebrate the women fandom hates.
One group in particular, black women.

It’s no secret that characters of color, well people of color in general (artists, authors, actors, etc.) are regularly on the receiving end of the worst kind of racist and misogynistic denigration.
One group in particular, black women.

Anyone who has participated in fandom knows the type of disgusting hatred that the characters and the actresses who portray Tara from True Blood, Guinevere from Merlin and Dr. Martha Jones from Doctor Who regularly receives.

And there’s a reason for that.

Beautiful, sexy, intelligent, extraordinary, these goddesses are feared and despised because of the power they wield. Society constantly hurls shade at black women because of the phenomenal light that they shine.

So this post is not only a celebration of the nubian heroines who made me proud to call them my sisters but black women, period. This post is a tribute featuring a few of my favorite black female characters and actresses who brought the awesome back to fandom. This is also my way of saying thank you to all of the phenomenal nubian goddesses who have blessed and enriched my life over the years.

To all of my black women, this one’s for you:

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