Racist Hunger Games Fans Are Disappoint

And white folks flip their shit because a black girl is in a movie.

Over on Twitter the fine folks at Tu Books made the best point:

“The comments about race in the casting of The Hunger Games just proves how much we need more diversity in science fiction/fantasy.”

I especially love the other point they made:

“And if you’re offended by people who want to whitewash The Hunger Games, here’s what to do: read a diverse dystopia.”

7 thoughts on “Racist Hunger Games Fans Are Disappoint

  1. Hah! I love how most of the tweeting accounts were either closed or set to private once their racism was called out.

    It’s allso pretty damned disturbing that most of the tweets were saying how having a black girl cast AS the black girl Rue was what prtially ruined the film for them or made the lose of Rue not that hard hitting…

  2. As much as people like this film..I’m going to sit this one out cause, looks too much like Battle Royale. Also (spoilers) I don’t like seeing children getting killed especially young POC. Too close to home for me.

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