The POCs of the Vampire Diaries

Over At The Bar, my girl Ankhesen penned a most excellent series examining THE EPIC RACIST FUCKERY the treatment of the characters of color on the hit series The Vampire Diaries:

Also check out Fangs For The Fantasy’s comprehensive analysis on TVD which also swings the vervain-laden cluebat.
What’s astonishing is that two completely different reviews hit the same points almost verbatim on the consistent fail that TVD brings.

6 thoughts on “The POCs of the Vampire Diaries

  1. Wow, that’s quite the list done there. I’ve barely seen any episodes on the show, and that list is damned depressing.

    Like Neo, I was ticked to discover that they killed off Gina Torres. Even in the pictures, I could tell that she had a great character, especially with the way she was slugging those shots back. Hell, Wheedon’s shows are infamous for killing off beloved characters and she made it through all of Firefly and the movie intact!

  2. And then you wonder why I don’t go near the CW with someone else’s television set? Why do I need to raise my blood pressure any further?

    You really need to send this to the writers of this fail and let them stew over it. I’d love to see their faces when this shows up in their in-boxes with a bunch of signatures attached.

    Besides, I haven’t been into vamp-related television series since Kindred the Embraced.

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