Aliens In America

You can thank my boy [info]box_in_the_box for this one:

DC Comics, you’ve been racefailing something fierce this year but this shit right here………just………no.

You’re really gonna have Superman lecture aliens who have taken up refuge on Earth why illegal immigration is wrong. REALLY?!!!

The original illegal (space) alien is gonna lecture other aliens about why illegal immigration is wrong? REALLY?!!!!!!



REALLY? That fail didn’t register with any of you. And you wonder why your company is hemorrhaging.

Because as far as irony and hypocrisy goes, this is pretty epic. One for the books in fact.


But hypocrisy aside, this is character assassination and I won’t stand for it. Because see the Superman I know, would see his hypocrisy and do better. The Superman I know wouldn’t stand for the status quo and would tackle the institutional oppression in whatever form it took, including the immigration issue. The Superman I know battles bigotry and any other form of injustice. The Superman I know, calls society out on its BS and challenges us to do better. The Superman I know, inspires us to be something greater than ourselves. The Superman I know doesn’t pass judgment on others because his compassion and sense of truth and justice won’t allow him to do so. Because decency and fairness applies to EVERYONE, regardless of age, race, gender, social class, ability, human, etc. Furthermore even if he doesn’t know the first thing about social justice and race theory or anti-oppression, the Superman I know has a modicum of enough sense to know that he is soaking in white privilege. Because trust, if he were anything other than a good-looking muscular white man packing some serious steel (that’s right Brandon Routh, I see what you’re packing), than he would’ve been deported back to Krypton. Let Superman be a Latino, Arab, or another other POC and let’s see how the American way would’ve worked out for him.

Martha Kent: But he’s just an infant.

American People: Not our problem. He’s not born here, go back to his own planet. We don’t need anymore aliens using up our welfare and filling up our hospitals.

Martha Kent: Where is your Christian compassion? Do we not read from the same Bible?

American People: God’s word and mercy doesn’t apply to THOSE peepul.

Martha Kent: But his planet is destroyed and all that’s left are radiated rocks that are toxic to him. If he goes back this infant will die. You would sentence this infant to his death?


I suppose I shouldn’t be shocked by this. I mean after all, don’t we see this kind of hypocrisy everyday? The descendants of slave owners lecturing the descendants of slaves about hard work and pulling one up by their own bootstraps with no help from anyone. And the descendants of the illegal immigrants kicking Native Americans off of their land and white-citing to them, Latinos and Arabs about what qualifies as “real Americans.”

And Straczynski, really? Really? You’ve been one of my favorite writers for years. You and I go back all the way to Thor, Babylon 5, heck you and I go back to He-Man, the greatest cartoon ever created (not a word from the rest of you). What is this….you know what. Frak it.

Just this once, I’m gonna take a page out of racist white folks’ handbook and be willfully obtuse and be in complete denial about your culpability in any of this.

Because I just knooooooooooooooooooooooow this was all editorial mandated and you wouldn’t dream of co-signing to such racist tripe, particularly the scene with the black boys playing basketball.

And I just knooooooooooooooooooooooow you wouldn’t subject me to this Bill O’ Reilly garbage regarding illegal (space) aliens.

And I just knooooooooooooooooooooooooow this crap won’t happen again, right? RIGHT?!!!!

Oh yes. I am giving you the Michelle Obama Chicago southside stare.

Because I just knoooooooooooooooooow we won’t be making a post like this again.




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