Check out these fucking blogs and comms!

All LiveJournal communities so far, but feel free to add your own shit from other platforms.

uhuranspock4foc. Started by yours truly for the Uhura/Spock ship – but without the race!fail. Includes fanfic, discussion, and other shit you might find interesting. If you ship Uhura and Spock, take your ass here and join.

inclusive_geeks. Just what it fucking says. Make sure you got your 101 on and leave privileged bullshit at the door. If you aren’t the typical “target demographic” for the gaming industry (and even if you are, but you don’t want to deal with their fucked up entitlement issues), you’ll find a great home here.

foc_u. Created by my internet husband neo_prodigy for fans of color. Doesn’t matter your genre or your fandom, as long as you get with the program and act like you got some home training, you good to go.

Know some other comms? Link ’em here!