Colton Haynes, We Are Not Here For Your Blackface

Congratulations, Colton on the CW series Arrow getting a 3rd season. Here’s hoping your character Roy gets killed off or gets recast with an actor who doesn’t engage in blackface…..TWICE.

One would think as a queer male, you would at least show some modicum of decency towards other minorities. But herein lies white privilege and this is a reminder why gay will never be the new black…or brown or red or yellow.

And to think of all those kids, black and Indian specifically. I wonder how they’re going to feel when they learn that one of their favorite actors who portrays one of their favorite superheroes is nothing more than another not-so-closeted white supremacist.



One thought on “Colton Haynes, We Are Not Here For Your Blackface

  1. Yeah, I am all for this… the death of Roy’s character.

    This is some serious BS right here. Black is not a bloody costume for you, you ignorant prick.

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