Avengers Assimilate: Identity Politics in ‘Uncanny Avengers’

cyclops was right again

And over on Comics Alliance, Andrew Wheeler eloquently breaks down why this Uncle Tom House Slave incarnation of Alex Summers needs to take the bench and sit his ass down.


And as a buddy pointed out, the blue eyes (Alex originally had brown eyes) is such a metaphor to selling out.

To quote the ladies from School Daze:

“Girl, you know you weren’t even born with blue eyes.”

*diva snaps*

“Blue contact lenses.”


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7 thoughts on “Avengers Assimilate: Identity Politics in ‘Uncanny Avengers’

  1. Amen 100 times over. It’s one thing to resist a reclaimed slur – but if you’re resisting a reclaimed slur you usually have a preferred term instead. To deny any minority identifiers is to try and pretend not to be a member of that minority – or to not be one of THOSE minorities.

    I want people to see a human Sparky. But to see me? They have to see a gay Sparky. It’s too much a part of who I am, too much a force that has shaped me and too much of a major part of my life context – if someone doesn’t see gay Sparky, they don’t see Sparky; they see a pretend copy and probably something that let’s them ignore things that make the uncomfortable and make my life hard.

    • This is why I always give straight white motherfuckers the side eye everytime they whine about me bringing up the “gay” or the “black.”

      They wanna forget about my challenges and my struggles to make themselves more comfortable.

      • And dismiss our culture, our identity and so much that makes us people – and so they can brush all that prejudice and experience and what we face under the rug

        And i call shenanigans on the whole “this has nothing to do with actual minorities” SHENANIGANS! X-MEN has been appropriating and using equality movements since DAY ONE, don’t try to play distance now!

  2. Yeah, I was reading that speech too and, from all intents and purposes, it felt good and sounded good in my head. After all, Alex is asking to be seen as Alex, and not hidden beneath some kind of marker…

    And then to not use mutant… well, that’s a part of who he is. It feels very much like erasing part of who he is to fit in and make others comfortable when others should be making the effort to accept him for what he is.

    And as the X-men has come off as more a metaphore for being gay than racial awareness in recent years, especially with the last movie, this statement by Alex is very disturbing…

  3. “I don’t see myself as X” and “we’re all human” sounds awfully familiar. If I take the page out of context and squint a bit, it’s not obvious the mutants are the ones being discriminated against.

  4. Alex Summers isn’t saying that he wants you to forget that they’ve got the X gene, he’s saying he wants to be treated equally. I don’t call gay people by their sexuality, I call them by name because it’s common courtesy and respectful. This X-Men playing the equality card thing is nothing new either. It’s been there since the very beginning.

    • And you clearly didn’t read the article because if you had, you would have observed how every point you just made in your comment, was thoroughly dismantled.

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