Queervision: The Little Mermaid (Disney)

Nothing is sacred here at Ars Marginal. Not even your childhood. This Queervision post takes on the modern world’s great mythmaker. That’s right, we’re queering Walt Disney movies. Not Disney movies with flesh-and-blood actors. I’m talking about the super kid-friendly stuff, those animated features complete with animals that sing and dance and shit.

Like many people in my generation, I grew up on Disney movies. And, naturally, they have completely warped my expectations of life and relationships. Well, there was that whole thing where I identified more with princes than the princesses (mostly because what the princes and I had in common was wanting to get with the princess). And if you want to know the root of my thing for nerdy, skinny, pale-skinned brunettes with big brown eyes – look no further than that fucking Belle.

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Queervision: Looking at cultural media through a queer lens

Queervision is going to be a subversive and transgressive look at cultural¬† media that (on the surface) doesn’t include LGBTQ content. As LGBTQ people can attest, most of the time we don’t see ourselves in mainstream media at all. And when we do see ourselves, it’s often – shall we say – distorted. Our sexuality is less about how and who we love and more about how we are supposed to fit into a heterosexist paradigm.

Queervision is a way to rectify that. Putting on our queer goggles and looking at films, TV shows, and other media through an LGBTQ lens, we’ll reconfigure the dominant narratives to center our ways of living and loving. This is a fancy schmancy way of saying that, as LGBTQ people, we take what we can get. And if aren’t invited to the party, we’ll crash the motherfucker.

We’re going to take the assumed cisgender and heterosexual default and turn it on its ear. This is us saying, “You might not see us, but it ain’t ‘cuz we ain’t there.” This is us saying, “You can try, but you can’t erase us.” This is us saying, “Who’s to say that character is not one of us?” This is us saying, “We ain’t making up ‘the gay’ – it’s already fucking there! And the shit would’ve been better if they had the guts to go there!”