Norwescon 36

Hello everyone, I had the great honour of driving down to Seattle last weekend and meeting up with the super awesome Dennis Upkins!

And not only that, but I got an interview with him too!

And then I recorded a panel he was a part of called Next Gen Publishing.

Apologies for the shakiness of it, and the audio as well. This was literally a last minute arrangement so things were not the best, but as the questions were explained by the panel, hopefully, you’re not missing out on much.


Mirrors and windows (required reading about inclusion and diversity in publishing for young readers)

Stacy Whitman goes beyond orcs and elves in this two-part analysis of diversity and inclusion in sci-fi and fantasy for young readers. Be sure to watch the video for Tu Publishing. As you read, you may recall a bit of what I talked about in “Representing Heroism,” but Whitman’s piece really digs into how the lack of inclusiveness and diversity affects young readers and their education. Austin’s story is all too common, and what’s sad about it is that it’s so easy to fix and prevent.