Brain Food At The Movies – Episode 10

Hello everyone, and welcome to a new installation of Brain Food At The Movies, wherein I talk about the latest from Marvel Studios, Guardians of the Galaxy!

I tell you, if JJ Abrams has seen this, then he has to be sweating nervously because I think this was not only a great superhero movie, but a great space adventure overall, which is what Star Wars has to be.

It was also good to see people of colour in all ways of life here. Yes, it’s still annoying that the only main characters of colour were blue, green, and gray with red markings (in other words, POC that aren’t REAL POC), but it showed that they exist, which is something that Russel T Davies did during his run of Doctor Who. You got to see POC throughout all different worlds and time periods.

Now, we just need a movie with a leading POC or woman, because if they can make a movie that has us care about a walking talking tree and raccoon, then they can make a movie with a POC or woman. 

To say nothing of the myriad of movies, TV shows, and comics that have had leading POC and women that have been successful. 

Representation in media: Asian Media Part I: Martial Art Films

Every week I’ll do a segment of the The Representation of Marginalized people in Media. This week is Asian Media.

Long as I can remember, as a child I wasn’t a big fan of Martial Art films. It was the same Van Damme and Segal films. At the time it was a big thing, because it was years since Bruce Lee’s death. Since then there have been copy cats in Hong Kong and Japan alike. In Hollywood, a sometime after Lee’s death, there were Martial Art films. Some were ninja flicks and others were just a bunch white guys fighting. To me it was more like another action flick. White guy fights a bunch of minorities, fights the evil Asian guy, fights bad guy unless it’s Asian Guy, get’s the girl, usually a pretty white girl or native Asian girl.

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