Good bye, OUAT…

In this video, I explain just why I’m not watching this show anymore… trust me, you won’t either after watching this.

At least I’ll always have the first season.

For those of you who are curious, the Walter White Sliding Scale of Villainy was created by a good friend of mine, and you can read her post about it here.

Read it, it’s good education.

(Open discussion) Who wins the Clueless White Girl Award: Snow White or Sookie Stackhouse?

In a showdown for Most Clueless White Girl On TV, who would win? Once Upon A Time‘s Snow White or True Blood‘s Sookie Stackhouse?


Feel free to talk about:

  • The way they interact with women of color
  • How they position themselves as pure and innocent and sweet when they’re anything but
  • How many folks they get killed because they “didn’t know better”
  • The way fandom responds to them
  • And more!

Sinking Ships – The Ginnifer Torpedo

Hello everyone, and welcome to a special episode in which I discuss actress Ginnifer Goodwin’s homophobic comments about the fan ship, SwanQueen, which si the pairing of Regina Mills and Emma Swan.

And here it is again on


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Link: Once Upon a Time and Family-Friendly Relationships

I feel a little odd posting this here because I haven’t even seen enough of Once Upon a Time to follow all the excellent meta that’s been posted here already; I’ve only seen a handful of episodes.  But I thought it was worth sharing:

“They’re Not Going to Kiss. It’s a Family Show.” (link to my blog)

But seriously, we live in a world in which we can have a show that vomits romance and True Love and Kissing Solves Everything Even Dark Magic(tm) all over the screen and when I say I want a certain romance to happen on that show, when I say, “Man I want those two characters to kiss already!”, the response can be . . . “Nope, sorry, it’s a family show“????

The rant is more about society than it is about the show itself: the way OUAT has set itself up with the “family show” label, and the double-standard that means they can show gobs and gobs of opposite-sex kissing but the chance of a same-sex relationship is slim to none.

Which, what?  Why does a show have to be “edgy” for even a sweet, non-explicit same-sex romance to be likely?  Why can’t we apply the same standard to same-sex kisses that we do to opposite-sex ones?  Why, when I watch a show overflowing with couples, is the one romantic pairing I like dead before it started, just because it happens to be two women?  What the fuck is that?

I don’t mind that OUAT wants to give itself a “family” label.  But I feel infuriated that “family” somehow means, “keep the queer out COOTIES!!”  It’s homophobic and shitty and really just stupid.

(Note: I’m not privy to OUAT’s marketing strategies, so maybe I’m totally off base and idiotically assuming and they don’t consider same-sex couples to be taboo at all.  Maybe they’ve been building up the couple I like from the beginning.  It’s possible.  I will gladly, GLADLY proclaim I am wrong on this one if that happens.)

Identifying with Regina and a reflection on the Strong Black Woman (TM)

Reposed from Tumblr.

If you haven’t already, you should read Melissa V. Harris-Perry’s Sister Citizen: Shame, Stereotypes, and Black Women in America. It goes into more depth with a lot of the things I’m going to raise here. If you’re curious about how certain ideas about Black women have an effect on our individual and collective well-being, you should check it out.

Now, let’s get started.

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Critical thoughts on “Once Upon A Time” and fandom

Over on Tumblr, I’ve been carving out a niche in the Once Upon A Time fandom for a place where we can critically analyze the show and the fandom, with a special emphasis on the messages it sends and what people take from it.

For the most part, I kept a lot of that stuff over there because my Tumblr is the place where I can really relax and let my freak flag fly. That said, I do want to start bringing some of my OUAT stuff over here because it’s relevant to Ars Marginal.

Keep coming back and bring some friends because it’s going to get pretty interesting now.

What If Regina/The Evil Queen from “Once Upon A Time” Isn’t White?

As my internet husband Neo Prodigy will tell you, it’s been firmly established that I really do have A Thing for brilliant, powerful, assertive women, especially the ones with a dark beauty that you never find in the wholesome Goldilocks/Girl Next Door type.

Having said all that, one of the TV shows on my Must Watch list is ABC’s Once Upon A Time. And by Once Upon A Time, I mean Regina Mills/Evil Queen. I am so smitten with this beautiful, brilliant, powerful, damaged woman it’s almost sickening. You know how Gomez is when it comes to Morticia? I so fucking get that now (and envy the fact that their relationship is healthier than the vast majority of heterosexual romances).

Aside from the fact that Regina is the sun around which my viewing this show revolves, the chemistry between her and Emma Swan is so deliciously subtexty in its queerness that the show’s alternative title should be Henry’s Two Mommies.  Granted, if this show was produced by HBO, they’d be fucking by now, I’m willing to give ABC the benefit of the doubt. And when that fails, there’s always fandom and AU fic.

Now that I got that out of my system, let’s talk a bit about race and Regina/Evil Queen.

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