Review: Midnighter- Killing Machine

Cross-posted from Prism Comics.

“I know what special abilities you have. I can see the enhancements. I can detect the increased electrical activity in your brain. I know what moves you’re preparing to make. I’ve fought our fight already, in my head, in a million different ways. I can hit you without you even seeing me.  I’m what soldiers dream of growing into. I’m what children see when they first imagine what death is like. I’m the Midnighter.”

Confession time. I was late to the party discovering many of the wonderful gems that Wildstorm has to offer. When it comes to comics, I’ve traditionally remained with the mainstream superhero genre and even with that I’m highly selective.

The Authority was repeatedly recommended to me in passing but I didn’t give it much thought. One night online however, I was having a discussion on an internet forum about the dearth of gay superheroes in comics and in the media in general. I voiced how we desperately need more Capt. Jack Harknesses, Willow Rosenbergs, Lafayette Reynolds, and Satsus, each of whom are awesome personified. Another forum member suggested I check out Midnighter because they felt he would be right up my alley.

And what alley was that? The alley of AWESOME!