May Dream Casting: Star Trek Eclipse

Ok I take this time to post for a new Star Trek Mini-series. No to be intertwine with Abramverse.

Plot: In 237X: After the War of the Dominion. The Federation tries to recover from the loss of the War despite winning the war. Starfleet is trying to go back to the exploration backed by the Klingon Government. Due to the Recovery, Independent human planets had formed an alliance calling themselves the Allied Colonial Forces. The ACF is modeled from the 21th century Earth. With the Raising power of the ACF, it started a Federation Cold War with the Romulian backing. Meanwhile The newly starship-class Otomo  USS Eclipse have been commissioned by the Starfleet. During their Voyage they encounter a Scorpion Class Starship, the ACF flagship, destroying Cardassian ship. So the Eclipse have to find a way to stop the ship.

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