The Walking Dead – A Case of Ableism

I love the Walking Dead Talltale games because to me, they represent better characters and writing than the show did until its third and fourth seasons.

All of a sudden, we have a story that focused on a black male protagonist doing what he can to keep a young, black girl safe from this world that has become even more dangerous for them. 

In various mediums of entertainment, not to mention the real world, and especially in light of recent events, we’re told that the lives of black people, let alone other people of colour, do not matter, and here was this Walking Dead game that said otherwise.

However, it’s not without its flaws, and season 2 has shown us this in an incredibly horrific way with the death of Sarah, a mentally challenged latina.

And what’s worse than the fandom calling for her death?

When the creators agree with them as well, which is discussed in this excellent post.

It’s disturbing and disgusting, and you can watch it here.Trigger warning as a bunch of asshats describe how happy they are that a disabled young girl of colour is killed off.

There are hardly any disabled characters that I can think of as of late, what with DC Comics getting rid of Oracle, and almost next to none that are people of colour to boot. While the Walking Dead has killed off plenty of characters, creating one simply to be fridged is nothing short of disgusting. 

Actress of Color and Music

Ok I was 

It was a blog about Latina Actress. So I remember that I did a bootleg mix of a video and someones slideshow of my fav actress. Since I don’t have the software to create or post my idea AMV of my fav actress. If you didn’t know that I’m use to be a anime otaku. So I did this:

mute this first song video:

and play the second vid

the song goes with her.

Aoi Hana by Color Bottle

Slide show by

So post this on you blog or post you ideas here.