Reflections on Dennis R. Upkins’ “Hollowstone”

On Saturday, November 19, fellow artist and internet husband Neo Prodigy (aka Dennis R. Upkins) will do a book signing for his debut novel, Hollowstone.

In honor of that occasion, I’m finally doing something I don’t normally do and talk at length about a piece that has had a strangely parallel journey with my work work on Tulpa, or Anne&.

Here we go.


Author confesses militant anti-white, anti-straight agenda in debut novel “Hollowstone”

Today at Ars Marginal, we’re having an exclusive interview with Dennis R. Upkins, who is making the rounds with a virtual book tour for the release of his debut novel, Hollowstone, due out on June 17. While most interviews so far, have asked about Hollowstone‘s journey from blank page to published novel, here at Ars Marginal, we get to the real story: the anti-white, anti-straight agenda of author Dennis R. Upkins.

Ars Marginal gets Dennis R. Upkins to show his true colors