Boycott Mainstream Media

Long time ago when I was young, there used to be a lot of shows with a multicultural cast from different backgrounds. Some was very more PC (political Correct) than others. Mind you my childhood was in the 90’s. Not a lot of black

homes had internet at the time. So we couldn’t look at youtube or other outlets to teach us about the cultures. My family was very fortunate, because I was raise to learn about different things. I was very blessed to the willingness to learn about people although at a young age but it was very limited. I didn’t perceived white and black as a complex thing. In my culture you were human being with different background and you were accepted. Much later on in my years when I was able to go online during the last days of the dail-up system, I was learning. Then in high school I did a paper on the history of Japan from the Sengoku era to the Meiji Era. (Although I failed because I showed more knowledge than the others, but that will come in another time.) I wanted to learn more. Some stuff happened and I saw things differently.

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