Dan Slott: We Are Sick Of Your Shit!!!

THIS, Dan Slott, is just a small example of the racism you were getting called out on in regards to NORAH WINTERS. Because black men have never had to contend with the big black dick to satiate white women trope in the media ever. But oh wait, Norah Winters can’t possibly be racist, after all, she’s fucking a black guy.

Between that and the manual labor crack, you are following Joe Kelly quite well in the rampant racefail.

But more on Norah “Grand Wizard In Training” Winters in a bit.

Let’s talk about the epic fail that is Dan Slott and how he’s a perfect example of HOW NOT to show your ass on the internet. Specifically spamming this very blog after being called out on his racism. And how we here at Ars Marginal DON’T PLAY THAT SHIT!!!

But in order to truly appreciate this sad sordid saga, a little backstory of what’s been brewing over the last couple of weeks is in order.

Because there’s always a backstory