Is it only empowerment when a White girl picks up a sword? (Revised and reposted from Tumblr)

Here’s something I wanted to talk about every time a movie comes out that shows us an “empowered” White girl and says how she’s some sort of role model for all women because she shows that women don’t have to be fragile or delicate.

As much as I loved Brave and despised Snow White and the Huntsman, people saying this sort of thing really, really irritates me.

Know why it irritates me? Because so many women don’t get to be seen as fragile, delicate, or vulnerable. Most of these women are women who look like me.

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(open thread) Women in Open World games

Now with the the fifth installment to the GTA franchise underway.  Then I was wondering when do the women take center stage in the Open world narrative? I want to know what’s you opinions on the matter. What do you think about this. Should women stay in the side and let the men take center stage or do think that they can pull it off?

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In a few days time, I’ll will post my idea cast for an open world game.