Solidarity Is For White Fangirls. Only.

Hello everyone and welcome to another video on white privilege and fandom that I all hope you enjoy. This is only a little bit of what happens in fandom but it’s indicative of what happens on an almost daily occasion, especially when it comes to characters who are from a marginal class, such as being a POC, LGBTQ, disabled, or intersect across them all.

For additional reading, here is the link to the wonderful takedown of Michelle Coltee by Melissa Harris Perry that I mention near the beginning of the video:

Michelle Obama A ‘Feminist Nightmare?’ Please.


10 Reasons Martha Jones Is Awesome

I promised a Martha Jones salute in my intro post, and people seemed enthusiastic about it, so here it is!  (warning: Rose gets compared mildly unfavorably a few times, for those who would be bothered by that)

Martha Jones Looking Badass

I’ve recently been watching New Who with a friend (her first time through), and I’ve been struck even more strongly with how Martha has the best companion character arc in the entire series so far.  The best.  And this despite the show constantly and inexplicably treating her as second-class to Rose!  But one of the greatest things about Martha is that in the final tally, how the Doctor treats her isn’t the most important part of her life, because unlike a lot of the other companions, Martha is so much more than her period of traveling with the Doctor.  She’s not defined by him.  After traveling with him—even before traveling with him—she’s got kick-ass narratives all of her own, and she’s going to live her life on her own terms (now alas, if only we could have seen more of her story on the show, but we see enough to know it is there).

I give you:

10 Reasons Martha Jones is Awesome,

in Roughly Chronological Order

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Counting Colored Cash

You would think that with the economic climate being what it is, that the entertainment industry (which hasn’t been immune to the recession) would be all too eager to jump on the opportunity gain revenue.

But as people of color know all too well, many racist whites (both fans and industry shot-callers alike) would sooner cut their nose (or in this case burn their wallets), just to spite their face.

When cis straight white fans demand certain things in media: be it movies, television or comics—storylines or better characters or what have you—they’re lauded and praised as being outspoken, passionate and devoted fans. Yet when marginalized audiences, specifically POCs, simply ask for better representation (or any representation for that matter) and to have our stories explored, suddenly we’re being entitled, uppity, unreasonable and too sensitive.

Yet the racist white PTB have been left to their own devices: be it the erasure and whitewashing of POCs from the media, inundating the media with the white caucasian power fantasies, etc. and yet, they are still suffering economically.

And while they continue to hemorrhage financially, they still refuse to acknowledge that POCs can make an impact—even though we’ve proven it time and time and time again—and will make the flimsiest excuses to justify why POCs shouldn’t be visible in the media and why our dollars don’t count.

Excuses I’m about to debunk and with this post.



Ladies First: Dr. Martha Jones

Spiraling further into my heroine addiction, I’ve been looking forward to this specific post for awhile now. My boo, Dr. Martha Jones who was portrayed flawlessly by Freema Agyeman.

Which by the by Freema, you and I are going to be together forever and ever and ever and ever.

I don’t give a fuck what that restraining order says.

While each companion represents the audience as we travel with the Doktah, I’ve noticed they’ve also personified different aspects of humanity.

more on Why Dr. Martha Jones is the shit

Something’s On Your Sleeve

A gent by the name of Adam Clayton Powell Jr. once said, “Unless man is committed to the belief that all mankind are his brothers, then he labors in vain and hypocritically in the vineyards of equality.”

While on the Syfy webpage (yeah that was my first mistake), I was reading some of the comments (yeah I know, that was my second mistake) regarding Doctor Who. One of the commenters argued that they didn’t approve of Russell T. Davies’s inclusion of LGBTQs in the Whoverse and accused him of pushing a gay agenda on the public and wearing his homosexuality on his sleeve.

These are claims I’ve heard too often from privileged cis-gendered heterosexuals. Anytime an LGBTQ dares be open and demand equal treatment and opportunity, they’re pushing an evil agenda.

The LGBTQs are taking over – oh noes!