My Bitter Case Against Glee

Let’s talk about Glee, which for the moment is almost everyone’s darling show.

I hate Glee. I watched the screening of the second episode at Outfest 2009, when it was not on anyone’s radar yet, and I thought it was moderately offensive but extraordinarily campy and funny. So, I decided to watch the new season on Fox. Unfortunately, the episodes got progressively more problematic, and by episode 7, Throwdown, I decided I was done.

That episode really made me detest Glee. But normally, I’d just accept that it was a problematic show glumly, like much of television, and move on with my life. The problem was that my friends wouldn’t let me move on. Many of my friends adored the show unequivocally, many of my other friends saw problems with it but treated it as their ultimate guilty pleasure. Many of my online friends had a total obsession with the show, to the exclusion and abandonment of other fandoms. As a result, I still managed to learn most of the drama going on Glee even after I stopped watching. I couldn’t understand the fervor. Why? WHY?!

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