What I want to see

You know what kind of story I want to see?

I want to see stories about a woman of color enacting theatrical, operatic vengeance on anybody who fucks with her or stands in her way. I want a woman of color with such a lust for power that she makes Frank Underwood look like a slacker. I want a women of color who’s such a slippery, duplicitous, self-serving, magnificent bitch that David Xanatos would be impressed.

And I want the narrative to not punish her for it. That’s right. I want her to get away with doing horrible shit in the name of vengeance, ambition, or some other shit we act like we disapprove of but actually enjoy. I want her life to not be some Aesop about how good always wins or some other trite bullshit we know to be a flat-out fucking lie.

I am so tired of women of color, especially Black women, having to be and noble and selfless. I am so done with stories where women of color are not allowed to have grand flaws and epic passions.

If the Bride from Kill Bill can slice and dice her way through Tokyo to get back at five people who did her wrong and still have people root for her and call her an awesome character (without any of the justifications or qualifications that one would have to do with, say, Regina Mills or Marie Laveau), I want women of color to be able to do the exact same type of shit without the story or the audience constantly reminding us of how badwrongevilhorrible she is.

We throw the term “goddess” around so much when it comes to women of color. So let’s give them the same freedom as true goddesses. Let’s allow them to be everything they can be: kind and cruel, beautiful and horrible, wonderful and terrible.

13 thoughts on “What I want to see

  1. I’m with you on this but just wanted to point out that last time they tried this, we got Sherry Palmer.


  2. I suppose at the end of all things, I would agree with you. Frankly, however, I don’t understand people’s obsessions with villains–loving villains is a total fad, especially the ones nobody with any shred of moral sense and heart would actually want around off the page or off the screen. People can’t get regular (or good) women of color heroes/main characters/characters right, so I think we need to set aside the idealizations of a vainglorious super bitch villain stuff for the moment. If you don’t know what good is then how can possibly get at evil.

  3. Oh, by the way, I’m totally down with revenge, especially if I view it as righteous. I have plenty of thoughts on the topic, but it boils down to this: The people who have a problem with characters committing acts of revenge, especially women of color characters, are the people doing all the wrong and thus the potential targets of acts of revenge. Of course, they’re going to tell you its only something a villain would do! So they will teach you that it is wrong and its a horrible something that only villains do. They will play on that squishy white goodness of light and blind pacifism that they themselves embedded in your heart from the moment you heard the words “vengeance is a double-edged blade and it saves the most lethal cut for the one who wields it” 🙂

  4. Oh! I’m already writing this! I’m in the middle of writing a sequel to my first book, and the main antagonist is a transgender Romani pirate princess, who is utterly ruthless and is willing to do anything to get what she wants. In the first chapter alone she shoots a pirate captain in the face and then destroys an entire city without a second thought. I’m having so much fun writing it, I can’t wait to have it finished and released.

  5. I love an unapologetic villain I can sink my teeth into. If and when it comes, point me at it and I will throw all my money and reblogs at it. 🙂

  6. Some notable characters who I think fit the bill who you may want to research or at least watch.

    Marie Wallace aka Maya Pope aka Exiled Wakandan from Scandal.

    Nikita which starred Maggie Q. She’s trained by Division to be the Ultimate Weapon, not only does she break free, get revenge and fuck them up but she does it staying 10 steps ahead of them.

    Willemina Slater (sp) played by Vanessa Williams on Ugly Betty. The latter seasons got weak but she owned it playing a boss chick who was tough, beautiful and calculating as hell.

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