Fuck this movie: “Lucy” (2014)

Blond-haired, blue-eyed white woman who is stronger, smarter, faster than everybody else? Check.

Nameless, disposable Asians? Check.

Now watch all the white feminists drool over themselves about how she’s a Strong Female Character (TM) and not some white supremacist fantasy.

13 thoughts on “Fuck this movie: “Lucy” (2014)

  1. I didn’t watch the trailer but something told me by that pic, I was going to despise that movie.

  2. It feels icky that a Black man who’s done a lifetime of research gets told off by her for being too simple after she’s skimmed it once because “ooh she’s so smart now”

    And that all the nameless Asians are this monolith of evil and corruption and abuse.

  3. What in the ever loving FUCK… so NO ONE noticed that there was something wrong with depicting a whole bunch of Asians as rapist drug lords and threatening to rape a blonde white woman?

    Or how Superior she becomes later on? And then condescends to the ONE BLACK GUY in the movie?!

  4. It’s “Limitless,” only recast as an Action Movie.

    Also, Ms. Johannsen is being set up to fill the niche that Angelina Jolie filled back in the 90s & early 2000s.

  5. Wow. I hadn’t even gotten past the “give a woman power and she becomes an inhuman monster” trope to get to the racial loading. The fail just keeps coming. It’s like Flowers for Algernon went and wanked on White Power propaganda.

  6. The depressing thing is, when I tried looking for info about this film online, I found page after page of people thinking the film will be cool and awesome and can’t wait to see it, and on the extremely rare occasion someone points out the elephant in the room, they get accused of “taking things too seriously” and “it’s just a film!”.

    • That’s such a flimsy argument, too. So was Birth of a Nation and Triumph of the Will. I’m not saying this movie is those (I mean, it’s got superpowers!), but, listen, movie doesn’t mean beyond criticism. It’s funny that so long as the critics heap unending praise on the movie, the Stans are all about analysis and criticism, but the second it’s negative… And also funny how it’s more acceptable to criticize Spiderman’s honeycombed costume than it is to talk about this kind of stuff.

      It’s almost like that argument is just a means of shutting up anyone who disagrees. Funny, that.

      I mean, I seriously love superpower scifi. Love love love it. Good movies, bad movies, cheesy and horrible. Love it. And even I am backing away slowly from this trailer. This says something. And nothing good about the movie.

  7. I think it’s a bit problematic to call a Jewish woman (Scarlett Johansson identifies as Jewish) a poster child for the Aryan nations. White, yes but Aryan? White Power?
    If the actress herself was alone in a room full of people from the Aryan Brotherhood or the White Power Movement, her life would be in danger.

    • (Non-Jews please do not comment.)

      You’re making a lot of assumptions about me in this comment, namely that I’m not Jewish and that I’m talking about Scarlett Johansson (who is Jewish) rather than the character Lucy (who, as far as we know, is not).

      However, your point is taken, so I’m going to modify the text. Slightly. Because there’s no way that anything about this story or this character is anything but white supremacist.

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