Re: Ordinary Love



I like U2.

Seriously I do. I think they’re a talented group and they’ve produced some amazing songs over the years.

I also appreciate their commitment to social justice and equal rights.

Your mileage may vary.

I swear I’m not hating. This new song Ordinary Love. I like it. It’s actually a cool track. But there is something seriously unsettling about the fact that the two last awards shows I was essentially forced to watch (F-U Golden Globes and Oscars I hate you both), I saw Nelson Mandela’s legacy (a freedom fighter who took arms to battle oppression) be reduced to essentially a feel-good Kumbaya song for white people and Mandela and for that matter Idris Elba’s portrayal be erased from the equation.

I’m not even blaming U2 for this. I have no reason to believe their intent and actions weren’t sincere but this reaction from society is par for the course when it comes to white supremacy and institutional oppression.

Fandom Sickness

Or alternately called Dear Lord If You Bring That Excuse Out One More Time, I Will Smack You With This Mauling Grizzly Bear, I Swear To God.

In this video, I look at some of the common excuses I’ve come across from White Fandom to try and cover their own racism.

For further clarification, here is the post about Heroine’s Quest at The Mary Sue.

Now, these were just the excuses I came across the most in my experience, so if you like, please share with me the racist excuses you’ve come across as to why black people, or any other person of colour couldn’t be in a movie, comic book, or video game.