Macklemore’s Thievery


Anyone who knows the history of the Grammys shouldn’t be shocked at the rampant racism and the white privilege in handing unearned awards to Macklemore. Because the only universe those two hacks are superior hip hop artists to Drake or qualify as hip hop artists, would be Bizarro World.

When rap first gained ground, the Grammys refused to air the awards ceremony, even though it outsold heavy metal and country music at the time.

These losers giving awards to underserving white con artists, par for the course.

Don’t look at me. I called out this bullshit a year ago.

4 thoughts on “Macklemore’s Thievery

  1. I think the person most robbed by this was Kendrick Lamar, rather than Drake (who is bah…let’s be honest here). Pretty much every album on the list this year was kind of bad (outside of Lamar), though I’ll admit out of those five I’d put Macklemore second in terms of sound, with Kendrick Lamar first by a large, large margin.

    I’d wish they looked to more ‘underground’ albums (or mixtapes) because arguable that’s where the best stuff is coming from at the moment, from the Pro Era boys, and the entirety of the Beast Coast movement, Black Milk released a awesome CD this year, P.O.S., pretty much all better than four out of those five albums nominated.

  2. I agree that Lamar got robbed the most. But Macklemore shouldn’t even be mentioned in this list at all.

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