African Heads of State All Go Nuts

Warren Ellis, congratulations.

Your racist rhetoric about Nelson Mandela and Africa still manages to be trump any sick garbage Santorum, Cheney, Limbaugh have spewed.


And to use a comic book that’s an allegory to blacks/Civil Rights to spout off your white supremacy is what the kids call a Dick Move.

But what’s been fascinating is that while white liberals are soooo quick to condemn Santorum, Cheney, and look good in the process, suddenly the e-crickets are deafening when it comes to calling out anything that harshes their white fandom squee.

But given how white fandom is so quick to give Steve Moffat a pass on his racism/misogyny/homophobia, I’m not the least bit surprised.

Racist hacks like Ellis are exactly the reason why “terrorists” like Mandela are a necessity.

8 thoughts on “African Heads of State All Go Nuts

  1. Pretty much all of this, not to mention that Logan is saying all of that while long time friend, AND HEAD OF AN AFRICAN STATE, Queen Storm is sitting up front within earshot.

    I bought some of his other stuff, like NExtwave because it was pretty darn funny and he wrote Monica Lambeau awesomely, but yeah, he’s now on the Boycott List.

    And hey, what about all the garbage stuff that America and Canada have done to the people of colour living within our borders? There’s a long history of the white leaders of Western nations putting people of colour down everywhere on all levels of life, so it’s no wonder that some would fight back. It’s how the Black Panthers came to be, totting guns about to police the police, which forced the Republicans Holy Figure Ronald Reagon to increase gun regulations.

    In short, it’s mighty fucking hypocritical to have someone white criticize a black leader for doing what he had to do because every other option had been taken away.

  2. Count the fails. No saints in Africa. African leaders are fucked up. Mandela was a terrorist. Africa is pretty much fucked because of African leaders. And Storm, who’s African herself, agrees with Logan’s white supremacist venting. Ultimate barrage of horrible story telling and white male racist ignorance.

    White liberals will eat shit like this for breakfast and use the energy to make themselves appear benevolent with their “save the children” BS. White conservatives will use this as an “I told you so” moment when referring to the problem of blacks and Africans. In any case, just reading this made me sick as hell. Racism in entertainment simply won’t stop, especially behind the scenes.

  3. They stop the story (presumably a story was going on) to give a lecture about how every single African leader is evil, and that the US (which was in Vietnam at the time, even) never supports terrorists? Ah-huh.

  4. Contemplating the implications of Storm’s words…

    1) She takes Logan’s compilation of clichés as words of wisdom
    2) She has no problem with him labeling Nelson Mandela a terrorist
    3) She views Robert Mugabe as a tropical version of Hitler

    I hope this is not the official position of the Wakandan government. If it is, we are left to wonder what the foreign policy of Wakanda was during Apartheid. Imagine that: King Tchala (and Tchaka?) siding with the West against the “terrorists” to protect white supremacy. How believable and “in-character” is that?

    Maybe Wakanda opposed the land redistribution in Zimbabwe and voted the sanctions too?

    Apparently (judging from Ororo’s agreement to Logan’s rant and her advice to Scott to “listen”), the queen of Wakanda has a very bad opinion of her continent. In only 2 panels, Logan listed every single negative cliché associated with Africa. Genocide? Check. Corruption? Check. “Disappeared” journalists? Check. Civil war? Check. Child soldiers? Check. Poverty? Check. Refugees? Check. Abductions? Check. Little “wives”? Check. Drug gateway? Check. HIV? Check. Piratery? Check.

    Now, I know some nitpicker will point out that he forgot to mention cannibalism. True. But I’m confident the writer is just keeping the good stuff in store for when the X-men actually step foot on the continent.

  5. I think, of the population of folks that criticize Santorum, Limbaugh, et al, for the horrible racist things they say, perhaps a tiny fraction of one percent might encounter this comic. And those folks are probably outraged at this, too. The lack of mainstream outrage over this has, I think, more to do with that, than with any hypocrisy.

    So good on you for shining a light, but I think you jump to a conclusion about why it wasn’t already an issue.

    • Actually Harry that’s not true because this was well known and publicisizec in social justice circles that also overlap with fandom.

      Mainstream press? I agree with you.

      Online white liberal fauxgressives. Another story.

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