Brain Food At The Movies – Episode 6

Hello everyone and welcome to Brain Food, At The Movies, wherein I review Vin Diesel’s latest masterpiece, RIDDICK.

Personally, I would have labelled it RIDDICK: ALPHA MALE McSTABBY ALOTS!

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One thought on “Brain Food At The Movies – Episode 6

  1. Thanks for calling out the treatment of Katee Sackhoff’s character by the filmmakers. Totally unnecessary, just like the early scene where the women of color is shot – using violence against women as a way to signal “this is a bad guy.” At some point it becomes gratuitous. I also do not recall them playing Riddick as such a sexist jackass in previous movies. (The toenail-painting scene was just included as a setup so Riddick could make a comment about seeing her nipples.) I remember him more of the “silent but deadly” type. The “she’s only a lesbian because she hasn’t had a good man yet” trope was tired. And it was a shame because I like Vin Diesel, generally, and the movie had potential.

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