Questions I Should Never Have To Ask



So the other night I had a lovely dinner and a movie date-night with a Beau I’ve been dating.

We wound up watching John Grisham’s the Rainmaker. Overall, the story was solid, had an impressive cast, however…..

So the story is set in Memphis, TN. I kept scratching my head in confusion because something was off. And then I realized what it was. After an hour into the film, I had enough and had turned to the Beau and asked a most important question:


No seriously. Memphis has one of the highest concentrated African-American populations in the country.

Anyone who has been in Memphis for 10 minutes knows you can’t walk five feet without running into black folks. In that city, WE ARE EVERYWHERE.

My man Lethal Weapon, Mr. Danny Glover, should not have been the sole ambassador to African-Americans in that film, awesome as he is.

There are countless rural Tenn towns where the story could’ve taken place with practically nary a Negro, Cleveland, Erin, even the Bowels of Hell known as Chattanooga.

Memphis, not one of them.

Was this a sci-fi movie and I wasn’t aware? Like an experimental piece in alternate history or something?

From music like Blues and Rock & Roll or hip hop or key moments in the Civil Rights movement, it’s not a coincidence that Memphis keeps popping up as a key location.

I mean seriously. Dafuq?

And you all wonder why I adhere to my Media Litmus test.