Doctor Who, You Broke My Heart

Many people know that I stopped watching Nu Dr Who a few years ago for its blatant racism and homophobia as explained here.

While I wasn’t holding my breath, part of me was hoping a nonwhite or a female Dr. Who would’ve been announced. Especially in light of the fact that 11 told Clyde in the Sarah Jane Adventures that the Doctor doesn’t always have to be white (thus making it canon).

And no, I’m not impressed that they allegedly offered the one black actor the role. That isn’t effort, that’s a slap in the face. Especially given that the success on NuWho hinges on the the fact that its inclusiveness of POCs and LGBTQs is what made the show an international hit to begin with. If the producers wanted a nonwhite actor, they would’ve found one. If they wanted a female Doktah, they would’ve gotten her.

And to answer the question to that kid on Tumblr, regarding how wizard it would’ve been if the new Doctor had been black or female or even a black female Doctor.

You had her, her name was DOCTOR Martha Jones. That was the whole point of her storyline, to show that a human could be the equal of a Timelord without being God-moded. However most of you may not have realized it because of the distraction the white fangirls were causing. Many of them were going batshit because the beautiful uppity Negress replaced their blonde audience insert and became romantically involved with their pretend alien boyfriend.

One thought on “Doctor Who, You Broke My Heart

  1. I stopped watching it when they cracked a transgender joke – using a horse no less! Being trans, that was the last straw, though there was a crap load of straw before it. The casual misogyny, romanticised stalking, abusive relationships, sexual assault of a lesbian played for laughs … I could go on, but I doubt I have to.
    And god forbid you complain about the hallowed show that is Doctor Who – my (white, straight, cis) step dad almost beat the shit out of me for calling his precious tv series sexist and racist. It was only because my mum walked in that he didn’t hit me.
    Over a tv show.
    Martha was my favourite, it was a shame to see her go. They didn’t even hold auditions for the new Doctor. Moffat just found a white guy close to his own age and said “Done!”. People are so amazed that he hired someone older for a change, they overlook how unfair it was that he never gave any other actors or actresses a chance to try out for the part.

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