4 thoughts on “First Impressions

  1. Not to mention that we had a Wonder Woman TV series before and it was quite popular. It was campy, probably not going to align with current mainstream sensibilities, but so was the Batman one.

  2. Being a big Wonder Woman fan, I just don’t see how so many bad comic book movies get made(Ryan Reynolds green lantern) whilst Wonder Woman stays in the shadows because the dumbasses signing checks don’t think a woman can hold a film.

  3. I’ve onlt heard of one recent attempt and that was that cw one with the noodle lady in the shiny pleather outfit. I don’t have much hope that it’ll be done correctly on tv…..THAT BEING SAID! Instead of the kinda lackluster batman/nolan finale, they could have been doing a wonder woman movie, THEN hint at a team up.

  4. Ignore what I said before. just watched the clip. I hope this turns into a nice webseries. If It were on tv, I’ve no doubt that the suits would find a way to fuck it up.

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