16 thoughts on “No More Excuses

  1. Yet people will try to argue that Blade doesn’t really count as a superhero movie because he isn’t more traditional, just so they can point to Spider-man for bringing back superhero movies.

    • Speaking of which, when are we going to get Black Panther. They referenced Wakanda in Captain America and… We’re not actually getting to see Wakanda? Why, it’s all fun and games until we have to show a fictional African country which is far more technologically advanced than the rest of the world?

      • And they’ve also apparently referenced really strongly to Wakanda in a five minute movie they made for Captain America that features Peggy, the British intelligence officer.

        I swear, they showed a bloody alien invasion… if they say that Wakanda is too bizarre to do NOW after a bloody alien invasion! >_<

  2. The superhero genre takes a special prize for being so completely and utterly unwilling to accept any kind of inclusion – slight tokens is the best they produce and whenever we get a minority character that is close to being decent without being replete with vile tropes they’re shelved as being just too impossible or hard or unpopular to actually promote

    • While at the same time, being pulled out for inclusion-cookie-claiming every time someone points out how non-inclusive they are.

      Look: The fact that every single time someone brings up, for example, a lack of black characters, the entire room shouts “Static! Blade! Storm!” and then *maybe* “Luke Cage!” simultaneously does not say good things about the state of comics. As if four somewhat mainstream characters fixes everything. After those four, the room that was so quick to say there was no problem, find themselves having to stop and think. This assuming they even got those four out before lapsing into an awkward silence.

      Perhaps they’d like to play a game where every time they list a minority character, I name a straight white het temporarily able-bodied cis male character. We’ll see who lasts longer.

  3. *stopping by to side-eye that bullshit*

    I’m not terribly familiar with comics, but wasn’t storm considered the leader of the X-Men for a while? Where the hell is HER movie?! And I agree with what others have said over the years. they REALLY should have cast Angela Bassett

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