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Hello everyone and welcome to yet another installment of Brain Food At The Movies, wherein I gush and talk about Del Toro’s latest movie, a gigantic love letter and homage to everything I loved as a child, Pacific Rim!

I also discuss how white feminists have been coming out to dismiss, critique, and put down the character of Mako Mori, and how it comes off as nothing more than the problem of Mako Mori NOT being white.

Fucking hell, WHY do they need some woman of colour to step on to make themselves feel better?

5 thoughts on “Brain Food At The Movies

  1. *chuckles*

    Signs you’re listening to a Nerd Prince from the West: he has trouble pronouncing “Hunnam” (HON-am) and “Raleigh” (RAW-ley)…but “Rinko Kikuchi” just rolls right off his tongue.

    Sweetheart, I should’ve known you’d be all about this film. When you started talking about the mechas – which I also enjoyed – you regressed to a kid in Candyland. “…a-a-a-and the one had three arms and they were like saws….and the Australian one was Eureka Striker…a-a-and [insert blissful gasp]….”

    LOL – this has to be your best video yet.

    I loved all the points you made: Gipsy Danger as Jaeger name was a huge fail, Mako (MAH-ko) Mori was a very complex character (and yes, she got back into the Jaeger), and Idris Elba is an undisputed bad-ass.

    The film made me think of Power Rangers a bit for some reason, but it also made me wonder where the hell Guillermo del Toro – one the many loves of my life – was at when Michael Bay was ruining Transformers.

    • Well, it did help that I studied Japanese for about five years in university and spent a year in Japan for one of those years, which is why I don’t have as much trouble with Japanese names as other people would.

      And I’m not surprised about the Power Rangers reference you made. Power Rangers comes from Sentai, which is Japanese, and Sentai has had giant robots fighting giant monsters from very early in its inception.

      And it is a shame that Del Toro wasn’t around to work on Transformers. Yes, that whole series was about selling toys, but Del Toro would have given it some heart.

      • Wouldn’t say it was very early. Definitely the concept came up in the 70s but it appeared after a few seasons had passed.

        And I’m reminded that I have some choice words about Power Rangers Samurai. Is it late for that though?

        • You go right ahead. I’d love to hear your take on it.

          Especially since Shinkenger is distinctly Samurai and having people, not just white people, appropriate that bit of culture is… a touch problematic.

  2. Ha ha–you were expressing the same geek out from the movie I was!

    I managed to enjoy it as best I could muster alongside of the writing and race problems of the film. Overall, I felt it was takin itself much to seriously at times.

    So feel Mako should’ve been the main protag. and Raleigh as sidekick. She not only had a better backstory and storyline, but the mecha genre HARDLY ever has female leads!

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