Justice For Trayvon Martin

I think these images sum up most of our feelings on the Trayvon Martin travesty and what it means to be a person of color in the United States.






3 thoughts on “Justice For Trayvon Martin

  1. I think the the quote ‘Only in America can a dead black boy go on trial for his own murder’ pretty much sums it up. Next person tells me white privilege doesn’t exist gets a punch in the mouth.

  2. To me the most disgusting element of the backlash over the trial was that it became a long exercise in character assassination of a teenager. That George Zimmerman was rejected (!!) by the local police for psychiatric reasons (!!) had a sexual assault warrant out and had a record of assaulting a police officer (!!!) were obscure to too many people. I think in part that’s the factor of deliberately not wanting to know things that interfere with a view of the world shaped by a persecution complex. The other thing that this case showed is that too many white American have a role model not in William Lloyd Garrison or even John Brown, but Nathan Bedford Forrest and William Simmons. They admire terrorists who brandish guns to assuage chiefly imagined grievances that kill innocent people, and make a fetish out of whitewashing (pun deliberately intended) injustice.

    This whole thing is just the kind of behavior that makes any white person with a conscience ashamed of other white people, period. And as someone who has a conscience, it’s very disturbing to me how many other white people, when tested on the balance scale, are found wanting.

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