I Got Your Ender’s Game Right Here


Auctus isn’t here for your homophobia. 

As you may have heard many of us are rallying to boycott Orson Scott Card’s upcoming Ender’s Game film.

Here’s what Card had to say on the boycott:

“Ender’s Game” is set more than a century in the future and has nothing to do with political issues that did not exist when the book was written in 1984.

With the recent Supreme Court ruling, the gay marriage issue becomes moot. The Full Faith and Credit clause of the Constitution will, sooner or later, give legal force in every state to any marriage contract recognized by any other state.

Now it will be interesting to see whether the victorious proponents of gay marriage will show tolerance toward those who disagreed with them when the issue was still in dispute.”

In other words, we’re supposed to show our oppressors the courtesy and tolerance that he couldn’t be bothered to show us. Just out of the kindness of our hearts? It certainly has nothing to do with the money he stands to lose.

Let me be abundantly clear:


People wonder why I don’t suffer fools and bigots lightly. That when it comes to their racism/homophobia, why I don’t just rise above and take it.

There’s a simple answer. Sadly a foot in the ass is a far better communicator than a turned cheek.

If you can resolve something peacefully and amicably, well and good and you should always try to do so first, imho.

But the reality is, you can’t reason with sociopaths.

It’s typical that cowards like Card can dish it out but can’t take it. Now people have been begging him for years to show LGBTQs (the same minorities he equated for pedophiles), tolerance and empathy and he couldn’t be bothered.

But suddenly when we’re fighting back and fucking him up financially, now he wants us to show him amnesty and tolerance.

Pro-tip: Funny thing about that 1st Amendment. It works both ways.

Card is entitled to his opinion. He’s entitled to write all the books he likes and make whatever movies. But he’s not entitled to our money. He’s entitled to express his views and we’re entitled to express ours. And if that costs him millions, so much the better.

This is a perfect example of why I don’t believe in turning the other cheek, unless it’s in the process of delivering a spinning roundhouse kick:


Sociopaths don’t understand things like empathy, respect, human decency. But they certainly understand self-preservation. Card and scum like him will learn to think twice before attacking LGBTQs or other minorities because we will see to it that you reap what you sow. If they’re smart.

Card and scum like him are learning that many of us subscribe to the school of handling business BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY.

So don’t let the necessary occur!

23 thoughts on “I Got Your Ender’s Game Right Here

  1. I know, right? Leaving aside the issue of gay marriage proponents being victorious for the moment, the moment I first read that I couldn’t help but be reminded of this:

    Specifically, the bit at 2:14

    • Fuck yeah! I just love how Optimus runs down the various Decepticons and just starts kicking Megatron’s butt.

      After all… Boy Scout doesn’t = Pushover.

  2. I absolutely refuse to touch anything Card has touched on principle.
    And then he had to stick his finger in Dragon Age, and Dragon Age has its share of issues, but I loved that game, and now his association with it has absolutely ruined the franchise for me (not that EA didn’t also have a hand in that).

  3. If Card wants people to go see his movies, there are plenty of homophobes who will go see this film just because LGBTQI organizations object to it. He does not have any license whatsoever to demand that LGBTQI individuals go see this movie. And there is no obligation on the part of those oppressed to subsidize their own oppression. Playing the world’s smallest violin for this whiny little man, and doing so in hopes that this film bombs just like The Lone Ranger.

  4. Also, when one thinks about how to stop a sociopath in power, hurting a sociopaths wallet is the way to go. If one day–and there’s a possibility this could happen–if people stopped buying things and stopped using money and started dumping it back at the banks, the men in suits would lose all power.

  5. Awesome post.

    I think some people who don’t disagree with hatred or ignorance indefinitely turn a blind eye in fear that they will be judged in the same way the “other” is being judged.

    Wish people would get it in their heads that people are human beings before they are gay, black, women , or any other classification in which people judge others on.

  6. I am now having the “fun” time of straight allies explaining how they’re amazing allies but they simply HAVE to see the film because they just have to! And they love gay people so much but they just have to see the film it’s just more important than us not being locked up in cages (which Card advocates)

    It’s right up there with allies deciding my humanity is less important than a chicken sandwich

    • This came up on a thread on facebook, where basically they were unwilling to make the sacrifice of NOT supporting a bigot by seeing his work, which made me think that if they can’t even do something that small, how the hell are they supposed to have your back when things get tough?

      • I’ve come across legions of it – how we’re being so mean and selfish and self-centred and cruel for thinking they’re homophobes for giving Card money! And don’t we know how much they LOOOOVE THE STORY?! It’s just so hard!

        • “But he’s rich already, so there’s no point boycotting him”

          And a rather odd one that I have seen, about how you should watch the movie, otherwise you are taking money from the other people worked worked on it. What about the poor lighting technicians?!

          • Oh that’s rich! I’ve seen that as well – what about the actors and the other people who worked on it? Uh, they’ve been paid already – Card’s a co-producer, he gets a direct cut of the profits. And, tbh, nor am I swayed with the idea that I shouldn’t try to stop funds being used to , y’know, imprison me because some of the people involved in raising funds for that imprisonment may get less money.

            And as for him being rich – yup, he is. And that makes him a powerful opponent. Why would I make him RICHER? These people bemuse me.

            Besides, it’s not just about money, it’s about the message. While arrogant people pretend that art somehow mystically appears from the ether and the artist isn’t involved, we know better. Card working on this sends the message that Card’s views aren’t toxic or poison. Lionsgate agrees that Card isn’t someone they need to avoid, his views and actions are not objectionable enough for them to, well, object. The people going to this film send that same message. And they all increase his profile which makes his voice louder and his homophobic influence more powerful

            • Oh yeah, definitely the message. Especially since Card and Lionsgate have said they don’t want to be boycotted, which means they think a boycott would affect them.

            • People have brought up the cast and crew argument to me as well, but a) unless they’re getting points, they already got paid – Lionsgate and the producers are the ones who will take the hit; and b) I keep thinking about the Death Star contractors conversation in Clerks. The film industry is very much an ethos of “never turn down work,” but at the end of the day, like the roofer, if you listened to your wallet over your heart or your ethics, you bring the fallout onto yourself.

  7. Wow. If you’re going to be a raging bigot, at least be one with some spine!

    Never read the books and never will. Glad for it too. Didn’t want to see this in the first place. I’d like it tanks real hard but, meh, what Sparky and JJJ mentioned. Doesn’t give me much hope.

    • Assuming that it did, how would anyone know if people had been boycotting it, or just not watching it? Lots of reasons for a movie to do badly.

      • Yeah, that’s true. I phrased that badly. I was thinking that if there are a lot of people who claim to be allies and yet JUST HAVE TO SEE THIS MOVIE, then I’d have to hope it’s so badly made that no one wants to see it. Or something. Bleh, I’m not very good at putting down my thoughts.

  8. “…political issues that didn’t exist…in 1984”

    Blindness of privilege right there, goodness. How can he say that? Of course this stuff was relevant in 1984. Even for white guys like him (but were gay) there were serious political problems.

    I am still sorely tempted to see the movie, however. Partly because it’s a great story, partly because the cast looks really good, and partly because the movie is the not the book. This is almost an entirely different work, controlled by dozen more people than Orson Scott Card, who didn’t even write the screenplay. It is no longer his story. I am leery of the auteur theory, since no one person really controls what makes a movie a movie, and my distaste for the auteur theory and its proponents (mostly self-centered white cismen) gives me hope that this could be really, really good.

    • My issue with seeing the movie is that Card will profit from it. I’ve read the book and I liked it, but I won’t be buying a copy either. I’ll probably download the movie illegally once it’s out on video.

  9. “Political issues that didn’t exist in 1984” — NO. I was in college when AIDS was popping up above the horizon and right-wingers were recommending (and getting) benign neglect on the part of the CDC and the US government generally, floating notions like concentration camps for gays, and trying to quash any discussion of how to prevent transmission. Oh no, these issues were very relevant in 1984, given the gay men who didn’t have next-of-kin privileges to visit dying partners in hospital. The progress made on human rights with respect to marriage was NO THANKS to Card et al, so while “STFU” is usually a tad simplistic as a response, I think it entirely appropriate here.

    STFU, Orson Scott Card. And a double serving for confusing your fictional world with actual reality. I’m a fiction writer myself, and I damn well know where the border lies between What Is and The Stuff I Made Up.

    And in case anyone’s wondering at this point, boycotts are powerful economic weapons: equally efficacious as part of the historic abolition movement in the US and UK, as well as an important phase of Hitler’s ‘Aryanization’ movement. Thank you for clarifying exactly who’s already gotten paid and who still stands to gain from this film.

    I will not be seeing it, and I will encourage others to join me.

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