10 things women talk about other than fashion, dieting, and relationships

If you thought that the lack of complex, three-dimensional women as protagonists in American film and television was an accident, you’re wrong.

As a matter of fact, one industry pro once said that,”The audience doesn’t want to listen to a bunch of women talking about whatever it is women talk about.”

“Whatever it is women talk about”? You mean stuff like:

  1. Politics
  2. Religion
  3. Art
  4. Sports
  5. Science
  6. Music
  7. Philosophy
  8. Technology
  9. Nature
  10. The average velocity of an unladen swallow

It’s almost like women are people with our own thoughts, feelings, interests, and passions.

Hard to believe, I know.

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12 thoughts on “10 things women talk about other than fashion, dieting, and relationships

  1. Heh, the women around me spend far more time talking about how they would go about taking over the world, whether a Pegasus is more useful than a Unicorn, strategy for besieging a castle, whether scabby peasants may just bow or should full on grovel before your knight, and whether pigs or woodchippers are better for disposing of bodies

    And that’s just in the last 24 hours.

  2. I have to ask, have any of these bastards ever met a woman. A real live actual woman?

    Because seriously, the fact that this has to be explained at all…….


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