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“Some motherfuckers always trying to ice skate uphill.” –Blade

It never fails that some people try to comment here without reading a damn thing about who and what Ars Marginal is for then get mad or confused when their comments get treated with the derision they deserve.

To reduce the confusion and decrease the likelihood of conversational eyesores, I’ve updated the comments policy.

So, before you comment (each and every time), it would behoove you to check out this thing here (which is, conveniently enough, called, “BEFORE YOU COMMENT”) before you show your whole entire ass.

Marvel, You’ve Got My Attention



So last week, I was reviewing the solicits for upcoming comics and saw this gem above:

An all female X-Men team being led by none other than the First Lady of Marvel, Storm. And note said all female team consists of not one, not two but three women of color.

Then I read about the upcoming Mighty Avengers which features a predominantly black roster and saw these beautiful renderings here:

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