Shredder Ain’t White

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What the ever living fuck? Um, this just in, SHREDDER AIN’T WHITE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It’s no secret that POCs have faced whitewashing in the media, it seems to me that Asians in particular have  been specifically targeted for erasure by Hollywood.

Don’t believe me?

Generation X (the live-action film), 21, Avatar, Prince of Persia, Akira (which thankfully got canned), Batman: The Dark Knight Rises,  Star Trek: Into the Darkness, among many others.

Was Ken Watanabe’s talented and sexy ass not available? I mean seriously. WTF is this bullshit?

Fuck this movie. I might’ve been willing to check it out (in spite of it being a Bay flick), but after this, FUCK THAT NOISE!!!!

11 thoughts on “Shredder Ain’t White

  1. Ugh… they couldn’t even get the simplest thing right.

    This is BS, but on par for the course with Hollywood as of late.

  2. Wait, what?
    They can’t…in the 1990 version they decided to have Splinter start off as a pet rat, instead of a man. For some reason. But they didn’t do something really stupid like change Shredder’s ethnicity because that would have been going way too far.

    • Actually… the reason he started out as a pet rat in the old movies is that in the original comic he is also a pet rat. All the stuff where Splinter is a man to begin with came out later than the first comic and the movie.

    • Splinter actually started out as a rat in the original Mirage comics (and also had that story arc of his owner/master got banished from Japan, killed by Shredder and Splinter using the turtles as a method of his revenge and stuff about honor etc.), it’s the tv show that had Splinter start out as a man (probably to lighten the mood, since the original comics were really dark.)

      However, them changing Shredder into a white man is inexcusable.

  3. Dun worry guys–I’m sure his character will be part Japanese… or at least part Asian with a Japanese name. Totes okay! /sarcasm

    And yet another movie I have to add to the whitewash movie list I’ve been tapping up. *face palm*

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