Why Your Paula Deen Defense Is DOA


By now most of you have heard about the Paula Deen racist debacle, the lawsuit and the employees who stepped forward to speak out. And I’m sure more than a few of you have witnessed the outrage from countless psychotic rabid whites who are defending her racism and are upset that Food Network canceled her show.

Their “outrage” stems from the fact that white people don’t think it’s fair that one of their own should lose everything just because they were being “a little bigoted.”

And by a little bigoted = Dropping the N-Word and creating a plantation house restaurant and creating a hostile work environment for black employees. But the goalpost is still shifting so this definition by whites is subject to change.

The outrage ultimately stems from the fact that this is one of the few times that racism against blacks wielded a consequence of some sort and in Amerikkka we just can’t have that.

Funny how I didn’t see legions of whites rushing to defend Isaiah Washington when he was allegedly “a little bigoted.”

Deen’s apologists have argued that she’s from the Deep South and she just doesn’t know any better about racism, bless her little heart. It’s part of her background.

Yet funny how that background/upbringing excuse didn’t fly for whites when Michael Vick went to jail. Of course in Amerikkka dogs are more valued than black people so what else is new.

There is one other why Deen deserves to lose everything for reasons other than racism, morality, human decency, etc. Bad business.

Taking racism and social justice out of the equation for the moment, the fact is the Paula Deen name was a successful brand. A brand that was successful because it appealed to a wide demographic of loyal customers including blacks.

With any good business, you always want your brand/product to be marketable and universal. You want it to appeal to buyers across the demographic spectrum. Diversity isn’t just PC, it’s just good business. The more people you appeal to, the more money you make.

Like any half decent business owner, you want to know your market and know your customers. You always want to maintain a desirable brand. This is why celebrities and business owners undergo media training. This is why companies are constantly researching demographics.

If you choose to be ignorant or choose to be so arrogant to denigrate and alienate a significant portion of your customer base, not to mention your employees, to the point that you are slapped with a lawsuit that warrants bad press, trashes your brand, and the brand of the network employing you whose keystone has always been diversity (H/T to Boston Pobble for pointing this out), then you deserve to lose your TV deals and your other opportunities. You just sabotaged your business and threatened the livelihood of every company affiliated with you. Corporations are people too, after all, and those people were seriously harmed. This is why it would behoove whites to actually take the time and educate themselves on those icky race issues, or politics, political correctness, or that topic that many of them can’t be bothered with. If you don’t care about racial equality because it’s the right thing, then care about the bottom line. Because after all isn’t green the only color that matters? It might keep you from getting blindsided down the road. You make blatantly ignorant business decisions, it will literally cost you.

And one last thing Paula Deen apologists, there are many other examples of racism that can be defended where one doesn’t come out looking like a complete and total ass, an ass but not a complete and total ass. The Paula Deen situation, not one of them. Really, that goose is cooked. Scorched. Let it go.

Actions have consequences, bigotry will come back to bite you. That a bitter dish to swallow?

Bon appetite motherfuckers!!!!!

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10 thoughts on “Why Your Paula Deen Defense Is DOA

  1. Seems to me she’s getting what she’s earned. There are plenty of white folk in the South who don’t find it okay to use racist slurs (plenty who do, of course, too), including lots who are the same age or older. If they were able to get it, then sure as hell, with her far-wider view of the world, there’s no reason that Paula Deen couldn’t. Since she obviously didn’t, I have little choice but to figure there’s some wilful racism there, and that’s beyond “not-okay”.

    It’s one thing to cause harm out of ignorance; people of good will can and do have this happen. People of good will then make an effort to learn, and try not to make that harm happen anymore.

    It’s another thing entirely to know damn well you’re being harmful, and think it’s alright because that’s how it’s always been. And if she didn’t know it was harmful to use various words, she wouldn’t have claimed to been restricting them to use in front of her family (whether or not that assertion holds any truth value at all, she certainly made the point, so she clearly does recognize there should be at least geographic/demographic restrictions in when it should be done, whether she followed them or not). To me, that’s a clear admission that she’s been doing something she knows is wrong.

    If she’s doing it and knows she’s wrong for doing so and does it anyway, then she’s just a reprehensible person, who doesn’t deserve a moment’s attention from any of us. She can slink off to her plantation and mint-julep her way into obscurity.

  2. Even if we were to accept the defense as true, I don’t see how it’s supposed to help her. Admitting that she is too racist to do her job sorta means she can’t do her job. Doesn’t matter if you stick a “because” afterwards.

  3. As usual you bring logic and reason into the discussion. Unfortunately I’d bet that to her defenders defending what they call ‘free speech’ (i.e. racist hate speech) outweighs anything to do with this. One does not simply defend the indefensible because of a position based on logic to begin with. Now you’d see Hell freeze over before they admit it, but that doesn’t mean it ain’t so.

  4. Being racist is not equal to having different cultural norms. Deen shouldn’t be expected to act any differently than she does (as an older southerner rather than a politically correct non southern liberal), as using certain words is normal where she comes from, or is even expected. Her being terminated from her job is totally just- it isn’t something that should be represented by the media. But the outpouring of hate speech by some individuals is certainly far worse than what she did, and is uncalled for.

    • Where the fuck do you fucking people come form?

      Pro-tip: Don’t come on a blog talking about what Southern white folks are like when the same blog is maintained by Black folks who grew up and currently live in the South.

      “Southern culture” is a bullshit excuse that can cozy up to some Yankee who doesn’t know any better. Y’all motherfuckers need to stop acting like “Gone with the Wind” is a goddamn documentary.

      I live around a lot of these older white Southerners, and they know that the n-word is not a term of endearment for people of African descent. Southern white folks also know that a plantation-themed wedding, complete with Black folks as props/servants, is in extremely poor taste. And even if they do hate Black folks and want us all to swing on a tree, they have the good sense of Southern decorum to keep that shit in private and away from Black folks.

      Not to mention, being above the age of 50 does not mean that your brain cells suddenly freeze up and refuse to take in any new knowledge or change one’s behavior. By that rationale, for the well-being of the general public, every Southern white person over the age of 50 needs to be taken out to the backyard and shot because only death can cure them.

      As if white folks invented soul food and Southern cooking. At the very least, show some fucking respect to the people whose culture you stole from and not use a slur to refer to them.

      Paula Deen and everybody who defends her can kiss the blackest part of my ass.

      • Agreed! It really gets me how people can make excuses for her like she is a 4 year-old she is a GROWN ASS WOMAN who knows damn well what she is doing. Then you have the dumbasses who say well she was angry because a black man held a gun to her face that doesn’t mean shit! That word is vile and regardless of what ‘anger’ she had she was still way wrong.

    • Paula Deen is RACIST. She is a RACIST, ignorant, bigoted shit and she deserves everything that comes her way, not only because of her saying racist words but for living a life where she wallowed in it.

      It’s not a cultural difference, it’s being a shitty human being, and the hate speech with which you refer to being directed at her is people calling out her racist, ignorant ass out.

      She deserves no sympathy and the fact that she’s going on TV, crying her ugly white woman tears to try and get some, and she is, unfortunately, as shown by your comment, is just the defense of racist people to whine and cry that they got called out on their BS and now have to pay the price for it.

    • Hey Lou, your entire comment was already negated by the original post. Amazing how taking the time to read can save you from looking like an idiot.

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