Brain Food At The Movies

Hello everyone, and welcome to episode 4 of Brain Food, which has almost nothing to do with the book as Brad Pitt runs around the world to try and save it.

Apparently, only WHITE people did something to fight back against the zombie plague. Everyone else is nothing but victims. >_<

11 thoughts on “Brain Food At The Movies

  1. The book – which we reviewed (blatant plug: doesn’t have a hero. It tells the stories of how different people in different countries fought against the zombies – including, of course, several different POC protagonists and a protagonist in a wheelchair (of course, no GBLT people – we do not survive apocalypses. Ever. Zombies always eat us first)

    It’s a shame that they added a big white saviour protecting a book that avoided it.

    And Maple whiskey – see, people tell me I shouldn’t make Canadian jokes; so I try so hard. I don’t mention moose or beavers or even hot Mounties (and I spend a lot of time thinking about hot Mounties) then you go and buy a drink like that..You’re not helping!

    • Yeah, I really wish that, even if there had to be a central character, that we got more of people from around the world and all walks of life being heroes. It’s honestly why this should have been a series.

      And I’m sorry! I saw the Maple Whiskey and I HAD to try it.

      • They could have pulled up local heroes and more diversity from the various regions, brief vignettes maybe showing what people are doing. It’s just sad that, especially with an action movie, there’s no way they could show it without a straight, cis white guy rushing around saving the day. Good film, but it just had to have that trope

        And hey, didn’t the North Americans run to Canada because the freezing arctic wastes froze the zombies? I seem to remember that

        • They did, actually, in the book go to Canada to get as far North as possible so that when winter came, the zombies would freeze and it would be easier to fight back.

  2. Too much hilarity to go around. The Canada observations had me rewinding. “Winter…wasteland.” – *dead*

    Really digging the evolution of your vlogging (and drinking) style.

    • Thank you, I’ve been taking note of how to better lay it out, even in this style, so that the reviews aren’t so long. That way, I can do something fairly easy without a lot of shooting footage and editing, but still get an episode out.

  3. The Israeli soldier’s name was Segen (had to look it up too).

    I enjoyed the movie, but it was very telling that all the POCs were pretty much all in the background apparently waiting to be killed or saved.

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