3 thoughts on “Let’s Go To The Movies

  1. I tend not to go to the pictures, I’d like to pretend it’s for highbrow reasons, but I don’t have the time for it and being stuck in a large room with lots of other people which I’m not allowed to axe-murder annoys me.

    I also won’t watch any in the cinema because I’ll lay odds every last one of those films contains a full cast of straight folks.There is, perhaps, a slight chance of one token stereotype, but I doubt we’ll even have that. The whole Star Trek franchise pisses me off to the extreme so I’m giving that a miss. Superman is never my favourite (powering up your protagonist that much is dull) and I’ll wait until I can see Iron Man at home

  2. I almost never see movies anymore, because we have a two-year-old and no grandparents around for free childcare. #firstworldproblems

    But I did get a chance to go see No with my wife when we were visiting my parents out of state. It’s pretty intriguing in my book. Given, that book has a chapter on Latin American geopolitical history.

  3. I usually only go to movies when I’m asked along these days. Something to do with everything being all about cishet white guys. Or because they’re all about cishet guys for movies in my second-most-fluent language.

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